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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday Threads/ Happy St. Patrick's Day

This is just a quick mid-day hello
to wish all of you a 

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Here are a couple of snapshots of our holiday threads.
Nothing super special.
We started inside, but the light was pretty awful.
So, then we went quickly outside and snapped a few shots before we got too chilly.

Monster's Clothes
Striped Tee: Walmart
Jeans: Grandma

Roly Poly's Clothes
Striped Onesie: Hot Topic (when Monster was born)
Jeans: Crazy 8
Shamrock Socks: Target $ section

If you want to see a super cute project using these tees visit Maria at Agape Love

 With boy wrestling always happens. Poor Roly Poly.

 That sticker on Monster's back is from church. We had bible study today.
I often forget to remove his tag.

This is Roly Poly happy because I rescued him.

Monster took this picture of me and Roly Poly. Pretty good for a two-year-old.

Mommy's Clothes:
White tank/blouse: Wet Seal
White Cardigan: Nordstrom BP
Michael Kors Jeans: Stein Mart via my mommy
Green shoes: Thrifted ($3)
Green Belt: Forever 21 ($1)

I will be back tonight with a St. Patrick's inspired Tutorial.


  1. So cute!! love the kiddos in matching stripes:))

    Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

    Kay Ellen

  2. So cute, and cool that the boys shirts happen to match.. event though they were bought and different stores and different times! haha
    And thanks for the shout out! That rocks!

    You by the way are so pretty! And I LOVE your green shoes!! SO awesome! I love green its my fav color.

  3. LUV the shoes, awesome thrift find! such a perfect shoe for spring. and i love the soft, flowy white shirt with the green belt, super cute.
    your boys are ADORABLE!!!


  4. Your boys are BEYOND adorable together! I really would like to jump through the screen and nibble on some cheeks ;)

    LOVE the shoes and belt! I seriously need to go check out Forever 21, I never go in there!

  5. Shoes are fabulous. One thing so great about thrift is that you can push the envelope and buy funky items for so little investment. I'm definitely focusing on pushing myself to be more creative. Great inspiration!


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