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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

{What I Wore Wednesday} Park Attire Late Edition

Phew! It is still technically Wednesday as I type this.
Actually, it's only 8pm where I am.
So I'm good.

We had a baby check up today for Roly Poly.
Only a month late for the 6 month exam.
He was sick when he was 6 months, so no shots then.
Good excuse for forgetfulness, right?
Anywho, he is good.
18 lbs 3 oz
Some may think, "Whoa! Big Boy."
Monster was 22lbs14oz at the same age, so I think he's small.

Well, after the docs we went to the park with Grandma Debbie, which is where we shot these pics.
Please remember this is park attire, aka ready in a flash/minimal make-up.

Rust & gray plaid cardi-Target-gift from mom
Grey ribbed tank- Victoria;s Secret PINK-$9
Michael Kors Jeans-Steinmart-gift from mom
Blue owl Necklace-Forever 21-$5
Bow earrings- Coach Outlet-$25

And here's what happens when a two-year-old gets ahold of the camera

Grammy Debbie and Roly Poly
(Ummmm . . . I am not sure why all his pics have a blur in the mddle)

Oh yeah, oh so unsexy pose.
And yes, that's me shoe behind me.
They're from Macy's.


  1. I love that owl necklace!! Park days are the best!

  2. I agree, that necklace is AWESOME! And the fact that you only paid $5 for it makes it even better!

  3. Seriously! I need to go to Forever 21!

  4. that necklace is great! i have one that kinda looks like it i got from forever 21 lol


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