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Friday, May 20, 2011

{Frugal Friday} Our Newest Adventure

Last week we embarked on a new adventure in our household.
It's not walking, 
although I do think that may be around the corner.

This is what arrived on Wednesday last week from


They're pretty darn cute in all those bright colors.

Yes. We are

Brave. I know.

It is a great way to be frugal and green.

We decided to go with gdiapers.
I am in love with them!
The bright colors.
The inserts.
The disposable liners that I will be purchasing.

We also ordered some great detergent to go along with our diapers.
It was recommended by Jenna of Copy Cat Corner,
who switched to cloth a few weeks back.

How could I not love it?
It is ROCKIN like I am Rockin.

It truly is pretty amazing.
Check out the videos on their site.
Also, I love that it is great for those towels 
used for the pee accidents 
that Monster has from time to time, 
or for the towel that we keep under his potty.
Almost three year olds don't have much aim.
Potty trained in boy land seems to mean when he chooses.

Look how wonderful everything looked after it was washed.
gdiapers are Buzz Lightyear approved.

Okay, so where's the frugal part?
The cost of diapers.
My MIL has purchased most of our diapers since Monster was born.
HUGE savings.
I always wanted to try cloth, but never really had the motivation when I wasn't paying for the disposable ones.
However, she bought a big box at Costco awhile back, and didn't realize they were gone.
So I had started buying diapers.
I prefer Pampers.
Yes, I am a diaper snob.
I am actually a baby snob to tell the truth.
They are a bit pricey, even with coupons. 
So, after Jenna started on cloth I was jealous.
That was it. I was doing cloth too.

Home I came from her house in San Diego and bought my diapers.

Total cost from $134.

What did it buy?

7 g diapers
12 cloth liners
1 bag of Rockin Green

I will probably either make a few more liners following 
this great tutorial from See Kate Sew,
or purchase a few.
I will need to size up the covers in the winter,
which will cost about $75.
No biggee overall.

The Cuban Cowboy and I figure that if I use these 
for about two months,
then they are payed for.

We like them thus far,
especially after I realized I'd been putting them 
on backward for five days.
The g should be there on the back. OOOPS!

I even used this tutorial from See Kate Sew
to make a clutch style wet bag.
I need to restitch that front piece right there. OOPS!

What do you think?
I made it from a WAY old, like almost 13 years old, 
and unpresentable coat from Forever 21.

I adore the color combo that I chose.
It goes with so many outfits,
like this one from yesterday.
See it there in my hand?

We are going to use disposable sleep diapers
because I hate changing at night.
Roly Poly has a tough time sleeping as it is,
so I try not to do anything extra to disturb him.

I will also keep some disposables on hand for Sundays at church
and if there is a sitter.

No one else needs to mess with the g diapers in times of poopy but mama.

Best of all, they are Roly Poly APPROVED!!!!!

Okay, so what are some ways you combine frugality 
with being green?


  1. You are a brave woman. :) I tried cloth diapers with Malea for a little bit but I just couldn't stick with it.

    Thanks for sharing over at Weekend Warrior. See you next week. :)



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