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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Monster's Past Birthdays

Since Monster's Birthday is just around the corner; 
it's a BIG day, July Fourth; 
I thought that I would share with you 
how we have celebrated in the past.

Since he is only going to be THREE, 
there are two past parties to share.

For his first birthday I went with a Vintage Americana Theme.
I think it is fairly clear why I did this,
I mean his birthday is the most important, 
purely American holiday.
Here are some shots of what we did.
Buckets for Favors.
Liberty" D and 1 Cookies frosted in red and blue
America: Dick and Jane Flashcards in hand sewn bags made from red wagon fabric.
Birthday sign above the gift table
Yes, I know that the name is out now.

Year in Review Photo Gallery

Dessert Table
Red Wagon Smash Cake
Red Velvet and Vanilla Cupcakes from Sprinkles mixes
Sprinkles Strawberry Cupcakes (recipe found here)
D and 1 Cookies in Red and Blue

Red Wagon Pinata

 Wagon Decorating and Parade

 Loving the RED frosting from the cake

Last year, I wanted to simplify. 
I was prego and sicker than I even knew.

I did a weekday party, 
this is a great alternative if you want to save some moolah.

By virtue of the time of day less guests can come,
which equals less food needed.

it also meant that daddy wan't here for the party.

he was of course there on the Fourth for fireworks.

We did Buzz lightyear.
It was mostly a glorified play date.
I found Buzz Lightyear Blaster water guns at Dollar Tree.
I also found the water balls.
For the center pieces I had green and purple buckets
with Toy Story Pin Wheels
I didn't get many photos of the party,
and not really any of anything that I did.
Here's what I do have.

The main creative/crafty thing that I did was make these 
Buzz Lightyear Candies.

I did a few with all of the proper colors, 
and then just filled them in with solid colors.

I admire the ladies that take the time to do dozens of these. 
It is just not the craft for me.

I got purple and green paper bags for the favors 
and filled them with a ton of 
Toy Story stuff that I found at 
the 99 cent store and Dollar Tree.
I made star sugar cookies 
and frosted them in purple and green.
I was lazy sick and prego, 
so we went with the licensed stuff,
including a pretty decent cake from Super Target.


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  1. They both look great! I love those buckets in the first photo!!


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