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Thursday, May 21, 2015

My First Bible Journaling Experience

At the end of 2014 I became aware of Bible journaling through my IG pal Andrea of Retrohipmama. I thought it was such a great idea; it did, after all, combine two of my favorite things: learning about God and paper crafting/hand lettering.

After some research and checking out Shana Noel's blog, Illustrated Faith, and the Bible journaling Community facebook group, I knew I wanted a journaling Bible of my own, 

I was blessed by my friend and bible Study co-leader with said journaling bible as a Christmas Gift. 

I have done some traditional annotating and basic hand lettering in it, but this is the first time I have gone big. Now, it is nothing compared to the amazing journaling art that is out there, but I am happy because my notes are the more important thing. 

While studying this morning in John I was reading about the woman at the well. I know this story, but I made sure to be careful and intentional in my reading. 

John 4:24, 35b-36, and 42 were the verses that most struck me anew. When I reached the end of 42, I knew that I was going to finally do my first full journaling page. 

I had a map chipboard piece that I received in my March Odyssey Project Life kit from Studio Calico. When I read, "...and we know that this is indeed the savior of the world," I immediately knew I had to use it.

I really am not sure when I would have used it in my album, so it is wonderful to use it in my Bible. 

Here is a little of my process for today. 

First, I stamped using two stamps from My Minds Eye Lost and Found Two collection. I used a teal ink I purchased in the Target dollar spot.

 I then added my chipboard map sticker. 

At this point I began my annotations in a blue gel pen also from the Target dollar spot. I wrote in regard to verse 42:

We first learn of Jesus from others, and then we see him for ourselves just as the Samaritans learned from the woman and then acknowledged via their own experience.

I made this note because it is a moment demonstrative of the importance of being ecstatic about Christ, as the woman at the well was ecstatic that though she was a fallen person who was essentially known as the town whore, she was immediately embraced by Christ who offered her living water in lieu of the H2O in the well.

Once I was done focusing on this section, I moved backward to verses 35b-36. I had already bracketed off and underlined this section before moving to my office to work on the page. The underlined portion is the beginning of 36, which reads, "Already the one who reaps is receiving wages and gathering fruit for eternal life."

This is A response from Jesus to the disciples who are perplexed by his interaction with the woman, as well as the fact he states that he is full though he has yet to eat. As often is the case with the disciples, and believers, they are focused on the wrong thing. While they fret, the woman is already spreading the words of Jesus and bringing others to meet him and partake in his presence. Therefore, I wrote in green gel pen (from the same dollar spot pack):

Sometimes we are too busy waiting for the harvest to realize that we can already reap.

Once this was done I added six diamond stickers from a different Studio Calico kit (Walden, I think). These came on a washi like roll. I never thought I would use them when they arrived, but I use them all the time. I put two blue wood grain up top, two wheat diamonds under the note about reaping. (I couldn't resist tapping into the idea of harvest.) Then, at the bottom, I added a blue cross hatched or lined design and a blue YES, because I wanted to say yes to Jesus and yes to reaping rather than waiting for the harvest.

I enjoyed this experience. I know I will journal more throughout the year(s), as time allows for this extra step in my study time. I may share from time to time. 

Do you have a journaling bible? 

Would you want one?

It is a great time to start because Shanna Noel just teamed up with Bella Blvd to release their first Illustrated Faith Kit. It is in Pre-order (I am not affiliated with either company. I just think that this is a awesome set that people she pick up so that they can get in the word more).

Let me know? Share.

Until next time hve a Rockin' Day