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Thursday, January 12, 2012

What? I have a blog?

Right now I feel like I forgot something.
What did I forget?
Oh, I forgot about this here ol' blog.
This is a photo from our Christmas shoot this year.
Courtesy of Chris Gomez Photography.

Really, I just have been enjoying time with my family,
relaxing, doing nothing, and in many ways
re-prioritizing the way I spend my time.

What this has meant is less technology, less blogging,
less reading of blogs (like ZERO),
less sewing, less crochet.

It is not that I do not plan on doing stuff,
or even that I haven't sone some stuff.

Instead, it is that I plan on making this 
blog a place for only the best.

I believe that I, like others I am sure,
began to feel obligated to post.
This meant I felt obligated to do.

It began to feel daunting.
I just couldn't keep up with myself.

In October I totally over crafted myself by 
saying yes to sewing some stuff for a church event,
plus product to sell there.

I think after three weeks of all nighters,
I needed a LONG break.

I am beginning to feel ready to create again.
I just think at a slower pace,
especially since I will also be taken on a second 
class this semester.
Since I haven't taught it before, 
it will be an additional challenge.

For those of you who stay, thank you.
For those who go, thank you too.
I understand.

I love blogging.
I love the community of ladies and creativity.

I hope to continue to bring to the world
 some pretty and fun things.

Keep creating.
I will have more soon,
like maybe I will be guest posting somewhere tomorrow.