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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Super Simple STAR Spangled Pizza

Let me just be up front with you,
this idea was STOLEN!

Well, at least modified.

For Valentine's Day the oh so adorable Kate from 

made this heart pizza.
I copied her then too.

The Cuban Cowboy loved showing off his left overs. 
You know those construction guys are easily impressed.

I thought that I should bless him with lovely leftovers again,
so I grabbed out my star cookie cutter.

Picked up my Costco Pizza

and  together

they went to work.

Costco pepperoni is RIDICULOUS.

Really, does anyone need that much pepperoni?

This is a great way to get rid of some,
plus it cuts back on the calories.

Woo hoo for that.

I cut each star out,
since Costco pepperoni is super thin it is easier to cut if you stack multiple pieces.

Easier and faster.

Then I began to place them in the pizza
'til it looked all pretty like this.

Bake that bad boy.

Sizzlin' goodness awaits only minutes later.

If you feel bad about tossing all of that excess pepperoni,
you can do as I did and save it for an antipasti salad the next day.

Muah hahahahaha 


Okay, not really.
Just cheap.

Lots of love.
Go be festive for your kidlets 
and leave the hubby some left overs
 so that he can show off how much his wifey cares.

{What I Wore Wednesday} Past Party Style

This should've been done yesterday, but Blogger was giving me some attitude.
Without further ado.


Let's just be honest,
Kid's parties are just as much about us as they are about the kiddos.

We want to show off our hard work of rearing them,
especially if this is our full time job.

One way that we do this is by throwing them over-the-top,
ridiculously cool, hand crafted parties.

A small piece of these parties that can sometimes go overlooked is 
the way in which we dress ourselves for the shin dig.

So today I am going to share with you 
two outfits from Monster's past two birthday parties.

The first outfit is this super awesome vintage dress 
that I have had for several years.

Although I had had it for awhile at the time,
I had never had my photo taken in it.

TIP: I always try to wear something that has not previously been photographed 
to things like this.
It makes the photos more memorable.

Thus, it was perfect for Monster's Vintage Americana themed First Birthday Party.

Then, last year, I was ginormously, ridiculously, and uncomfortably pregnant.

What did I wear for his glorified playdate, barely crafted party?

Well, I wore the button up that I purchased for my maternity photos and 
some maternity shorts I had made from pants that my 
lovely thighs had worn through.

You love that I am candid about these things, right?

Anyway, I totally thought I looked cute that day.
Retrospectively . . .
Not so much.

Who looks cute that pregnant though?
Anyway, I was truly sick and didn't realize it.

Roly Poly arrived 23 days later.

So what will I wear on Monday to his party? 
Hmmmm . . . I have some ideas but I haven't made a decision yet.

You will just have to come back next Wednesday and see.

Lots o LOVE!!!!!

Go rock some party style.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Birthday/ Fourth of July Countdown

Okay, so count downs aren't really anything new under the sun.

This is just the QUICKEST countdown I could make.

We haven't really counted down before
because Monster never really understood the concept before.
However, he keeps wanting things that he KNOWS
are for his birthday and pirate party.

So I knew it was time to start the count down tradition.

I waited until this week
because I didn't think that he could handle counting down for more than a week.

That is
in almost three-year-old time.

I just hung it on a little wall between living rooms
at a height he could reach.
I used a push pin that I glued a felt star to.

Each morning he can take a number of
until he sees this on next Monday.

Do you countdown with your kiddos?
What tricks are helpful?
What age did you start?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Born On The Fourth of JULY Mantel

I have mentioned to some of you out there that my oldest son,
was born on the Fourth of July.

This makes celebrating both fun and, well, complicated.
Since it is a week until his birthday,
I have decided to bombard you all with festive Fourth of July 
and Birthday posts.

Look for things like:
  • a glimpse at his past birthdays
  • decor
  • a birthday/100 followers (yeah, I'm late on that) giveaway(s)
  • Mommy party attire

Hopefully, this will be both a fun and productive week for me.


Okay, so on to the first post of this week.

My newly, festively decorated mantel.

This idea originated from Eighteen25
around Easter time when they posted this pom garland.

When I saw it I instantly knew that
I was going to make one for Fourth of July 
because I had all of these poms 
left over from Monster's First birthday party.

I just knew that they would be perfect.

So on Saturday night
I got out the red Gutermann thread, a needle, 
and this jar full of left over goodies.

After some untangling of thread and about an hour of designing,
I ended up with this.

After the garland was complete,
I took some festive fabric that I also had left over from the first birthday 
and wrapped a canvas that I am actually in the midst of redoing.

I stapled the fabric to itself 
so that it wouldn't ruin the canvas.

I then added some ribbon, photos from Monster's birth,
and a little sign that says, 
"Born on the Fourth of July."

The blue frame and candle holders are always on the mantel
(except holidays).

I am quite pleased with the outcome.

Do you decorate for the Fourth?

Friday, June 24, 2011

{Frugal Friday} A Summer Wreath

It's back.
This little feature has been MIA for about 
three weeks now.

Sorry about that.

However, today's little beauty is fun and cheap.
How cheap?

Well, for me it was FREE
because I already had all of the supplies.

I finally thought that I should 
change my wreath out from the Spring Sweater Nest one that I made
a months back.

Sorry, no tutorial,
but I can give you some details.

Just look at the deliciousness of these two colors. 

I sort of want to make my entire front porch 
look something like this.

I used two sweaters that I had in my scrap box.
They were supposedly larges, 
maybe they should've been in the children's section.

Additional supplies were a green wreath form from the DollarTree 
and a frame that I broke the glass on the other day 
while attempting to prep it for an entirely different purpose.

Anyway, I bought the sweaters several years back for $6 each.
I wore each a handful of time, 
enough to get my money out of them.

Now here they are.

I created two textures, one with each color.
The coral is a layer wrap,
while the blue is flat and smoother.
I love the depth that this adds.

I put a contrasting bow in the bottom corner of the frame.

And . . . 
my favorite detail is the buttons from the collar.
I used the entire henley/hoodie trim 
as a wrap around the center wreath.

The buttons are just too cute.

I still have enough scraps left to make some sweateralls 
in the Fall/Winter for my ETSY shop.

I love it all.

Any thoughts?
What sort of Summer Splashes are you currently adding to your home?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

{What I Wore Wednesday} A Sunny Plaid

I haven't worn this dress in probably three or four years.
That's right because the last time I wore it was 
about a week before I discovered that I was prego with Monster.

Anyway, when I purchased this awesome vintage dress 
from Ebay I was immediately excited.
When it arrived I loved that the buttons 
are a faux placard hiding a zipper.

Psst . . . check out the temp on the thermometer behind my head.
It's only 9 AM.

Another great feature of this dress is the pocket.
It only has one,
but I think that all dresses should have pockets.
They are so handy.
I am glad that designers are starting to return to this.

Yesterday's house dress is perfect 
for today's retro Summer style.

I actually have typically seen this as a Fall dress,
but this morning I realized that 
yellow and orange are oh so Summery.
It is indeed a sunny,Summery plaid.

Just see.
Dress: Vintage via EBAY, Belt: Forever 21 Clearance ($1.99),
Shoes: Shiek (a little store in my mall), Earrings: Thrifted,
None of the pics show it but I also have a yellow bow in my hair from Nordstrom.
It must be on my bad side.

I paired it with these awesome wedges,

and I added the fun green skinny belt
 instead of the matching plaid belt that came with it.

Topped with a quick hairstyle
and some big green button earrings.

I feel quite chic today.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Invitation Preparation

There are two birthday's in our household in July.

Monster will be three July Fourth and 
Roly Poly will be turning one at the end of the month.

Thus, I am in the midst of invitation preparation.

Although Monster's party is first,
and I am mailing the invites out today, 
I am going to share with you 
Roly Poly's invitations in this post.

His party is going to be bigger since it is his first one,
and there will be several posts 
covering party projects.

For Monster's Party I am planning on doing one or two 
posts to cover it all.

Okay, so on with the show.

I had Roly Poly's invitations made by my friend Melissa
Check out her other work.
She is so much fun to work with and has great ideas.
This was my second time working with her.

So she created these beauties based on Roly Poly's high chair.
You know you love the blacking out of info. 

Yes, we are having an owl theme.
Aren't they cute?

Well, we planned from the beginning that after printing the invites 
I was going to corner round the edges to soften them up and mimic the center design.

Melissa had done something similar in the Fall for her kiddos birthdays and it turned out soooo great.

Here are the before and afters.

Isn't it amazing how such a small detail 
makes such a BIG difference.

I am glad to have another small thing 
out of the way for his party,
especially because the next two weeks
 have to be dedicated to Monster's
Pirate Party on the Fourth.

Nothing says Fourth of July like Pirates after all.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Blessings

Last night we enjoyed a wonderful pre- Father's Day celebration
with my step-dad and father-in-law.

I made my Creamy Chicken Enchiladas again,
and they were a big ol hit!

My parents also brought up my niece.

She's so cute!!!
Love that gal.

Here are some more photos of our day
(for some reason no dads are included).

It was a wonderful time of family and fun.

These are the moments that family was meant for.

I hope that you all have wonderful days 
with all of the men who play the role of father in your lives,
whether it be your father, the father of your children,
or someone who embodies one of these roles.

May God bless all of the wonderful men who 
proudly guide the next generation.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Oops! I almost forgot to pick a winner today.

The winner from my Summer Daze giveaway,
and future owner of this

 lovely headband is . . .

True Random Number Generator  20

Suze said...

I love summer because I get to spend a lot of time outside with my kids :)