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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Clutter Free: Counting

One part of the tasks that a reader is challenged to in Kathi Lipp's book Clutter Free is to get rid of 2000 items. I passed out when I first saw the number. However, I am up for the challenge. If you are up for one too, you can sign up for free HERE.

On my first day, which is featured in this post, I cleaned out 89 items. They weren't all from the area featured, but I got rid of them all the same. 

Since then I have purged an additional 54. Slow and steady people. My total thus far is 143. Not too shabby in my opinion. Oh, I didn't really count paper trash, although it is totally approved per the directions. I just do not have time for that.

On Saturday I tackled another peripheral area of paper storage, this sideboard in the hallway. I actually found that there was not as much paper as I thought, but toys that I find in the hallway and put in the green bucket to be put away later. You know because the boys' rooms are not four feet away. LAZY!!!! 

So I dove in. I took maybe 20 min (I always forget to do the 15 min timer part. It may put too much pressure on me.) This area went from this
This is a close up of the over stuffed bucket.

To this

29 items gone and many put in their proper places.

Sunday I was going to take a break, but the I went into my office, which is our cat room as well, to check on Patches. And I decided to take the quick, suggested 15 min to tackle one area of the room. I have been avoiding the room, even though I cleaned part of it out in October (the same part I tackled today). I think I really only took 5 -10 minutes on this area. It looked bad, but wasn't really.

 It's the under area of this desk that is going to be a hassle.

Here is the outcome. With 21 items gone from either this space or random clean up throughout the house today.
 Nice and simple. I do still need to do something more streamlined with that pile of photos, but that is for another day. At least they have a home for now.

Monday I was sicksicksick! So, I had to put off part of challenge two. I did the reading though. I did manage to get rid of 3 items in the morning, just three I walked by and was sick of seeing. 

The bonus of the day. That tray cleaned in day one served me yummy soup in bed. It couldn't have happened if I hadn't tackled it first, so SCORE!
As far as today, Tuesday, well we had an important errand to do. We had to pick up my mom and take her to San Diego. While we were there, we had to have lunch with our friends because we don't often get to make the two hour drive. So, although today's challenge was 30 items for the day, I am totaling 1. I am not ashamed of this because the reading for yesterday and today tackle the idea of spirituality and costs. Costs clutter can cause to our relationships with friends, family, and God. Therefore, I was not going to allow decluttering to cost me these things either (Plus, I am still a bit under the weather so the trip today has left me tired. Tomorrow is a new day. And I can tackle two places, if I so choose. Why not?

If you sign up let me know! Also, I will be giving a copy of the book away, so be on the look out in the Friday post.


Friday, December 26, 2014

Clutter Free-Intro/Day one

I love Kathi Lipp. She is so raw, real, hilarious, and God centered. I am blessed to have the opportunity to help in the launch of one of her latest works: Clutter Free.

Ya, that's a screen shot, complete with the current price

I am excited because this is such a great way to begin a new year (even if it be a few days early). 

Each Tuesday and Friday I will bring to you an update on the progress I am making. Today I am tackling the "why" of my clutter, which, truth be told, is in large part laziness. After work and chasing boys and activities and bible study, the last thing I want to do is organize and clean. Boo! However, it would truly make all those other things run more smoothly. 

Also, my biggest down fall is paper work. I just do not like it. Not one iota. So, I have been getting better at sorting and trashing (though there is still room for improvement). It's the stuff that I plan on " getting to later" that bites me in the behind.
 I have these awesome cubbies for these items, but they need to be cleaned out because I am very "out of sight, out of mind."

Since this is my problem area, I will be mainly focusing on my office/ studio. This is where I create, grade write, hide. Seriously though, I just cannot keep it under control. It gets better each year, but look at the room for improvement that still exists. Yea for goals.
It is extra messy during this holiday season because of wrapping and such.

The other spots are my "alternate" paper hoards that crop up here and there for no apparent reason other than they can. 
Hallway sideboard
Filing cabinet in room 
Under chest of drawers because I can
TV tray for mugs and magazines etc while into cozy bed
Entryway basket for mail
Kids supply area in dining room

Today was also the instructions for the first challenge, which includes taking only 15 minutes to tackle a single space at a time. I chose the TV tray pictured above for my first project. 

Let me remind you of the before.

Okay! Yikes!!!! Here is the after.
You can see the tray! It is amazing! Yay me. Yay Kathi for helping a gal out.

So, follow along. Buy the book and join in. Declutter your life so that you can truly enjoy it in a less stressful way.

 I hope that, like me, you get a head start on some of your amazing 2015 plans.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Season of Change

This is a season of change. A season of crazy things going on in life that are entirely unexpected and different. Over the past few years so many things have shifted or broken. Whether it be the television or coffee maker or our car (three ones over), we have had a ton of things break. Each time we have been able to step back, examine, and simplify.

Some of the most recent changes going on have come with the most prayer and the most stretch. 

1. New adventure

I have decided to embark on the awesome adventure that is being a Jamberry consultant. I am overwhelmingly excited for what this can mean, especially that it means pretty nails I can afford in both my monetary and time budgets.

2. New Car

I seriously did not think that I would be getting a new car for several more years. Then, last month, I was in an accident wherein I lost my car. This left us in a bind for several weeks. I am lucky enough that we do have one extra vehicle, though not incredibly reliable. Well, now I am the owner of an awesome 2013 Volkswagen Sportwagen. I am so blessed by God. 

3. Launch

I am so blessed that after praying over my application, it was accepted to be a part of Kathi Lipp's launch team for one of her soon to be released books. It addresses an area of life wherein many mom's struggle: clutter. I am very nervous and excited about what God has planned for me in this particular journey. To find out more about this book and previously published works from Kathi Lipp go to her site.

Please pray for me as I embark on these super awesome changes, and I am sure more are alwasy coming right around the corner.