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Monday, January 31, 2011

Awkward/Amazing Birth-Junior High

Okay, so I am not going to front like this post was my idea.
It was wonderfully inspired by Ashley of LMM

She just has a way about her that is inspiring.

As we all know life has its ups and downs, it ebbs and flows.
Childhood is undoubtedly no exception to this.
Some moments, like my first one I am about to share, are combined with awkwardness and wonder.

So to delay no longer.
Let's take a brief journey through my little life.

First the awkward.
I think it is best to just get through the difficult so that we can enjoy the good.

Do you see those ears? Seriously. Yikes!
However, this is one of those Amazing pics too.
Roly Poly looks EXACTLY like this, sans the dress of course.

Oh that grumpy face.
Yet, that is Monster with curls, and at least my two cousins have their eyes completely closed.

Who thought that hair was okay?

Do I really have to explain this?
Outfit = awful
Plus the tag is on.
Blossom hat. 
Oh yes, and we are imitating my step-dad dancing.

The original red and teal. I always knew it went together.
 And how about those knee pads.
I was going to hip-hop class.
Do I look hip?

Okay, so the awkward thing here is I am in 7th grade, my step-brother (middle) is in 8th, and my brother (right) is in high school.
I look older than my big bro.
I am taller than my big bro (at 5 ft 2 inches)
People ALWAYS thought I was his older sister.

Oh, and the arms, not awkward at all.

Making a fool of myself trying to skate.

Who thought that this dance outfit was cute.
And caught mid-step is NEVER a good idea.
This in no way resembles a choreagraphed dance by this photo.

Awkwardness: My mom's Looney Toons shirt!!!!
My eyes closed.
My mom and aunt's hair.
My bra straps! Just because Gwen Stefani was doing it doesn't mean I needed to be.

Now that that is over, and we have all survived (I hope), on to the

How much my brother loved me.
The fact that I have the same shot of Roly Poly and Monster.
The fact that this is me and not Roly Poly.
I swear he is my clone even more than his brother.

Wait! No maybe Monster is my clone. This is what he looks like, but with shorter hair now.
Plus, I just look AMAZINGLY cute.

The six weeks my parents were married while I was alive. If only I could remember them.
Oh yeah, and the fact that my mom is a stick and I am only a few weeks old. Jealous!
(Ignore the smoking. People just didn't know)

My Grandma Pat! Well, she was just AMAZING!
And those ears might be too.

How much my daddy loved me, and I loved him too in spite of the itchy beard.
(If you notice his left arm is always down. He was paralyzed on his left side from a stroke at 22)

Visiting Minnesota and playing on the farm with my cousins.

My cousins and bro. I love them all. My bro (in the front) looks like monster too.
Family is AMAZING.

Loving my mommy who loves me!
That dress I am wearing; it was my grandpa's favorite.
 I wore it to his funeral a few weeks after this photo, and I still have it.

My love of dance from a young age.

My "new" family.
My step-dad for loving me as his own and filling my father's shoes after he passed.
Oh yeah, and those snake skin boots I am rocking.

Living in California where the beach is just a part of life.

My Grandmothers. I miss them both so much. They are my life's inspiration.
(*Crying NOW!)

BOB! She's more than my friend. She's my sister.
This is 8th grade graduation, about 2 weeks after my dad passed.
That's the dress I wore to his funeral.
Yes, I still have that one too.

Well. This is seriously just one of my ALL TIME favorite pics of me.
I love the shirt.
The seat belt belt is a classic.
Plus, it marks the end of junior high and the beginning of high school.

Okay, so now that I have bored you you know me a little better.
Join in and share. It's fun to give of yourself to others.

****Oh yes, just some last minute amazing things from today.
My mom gave me a wonderful book today that will yield many great crafts and baking opportunities.
Go mom!!

And, even more exciting, I got an Anthropologie card today when I made my first Anthro purchase.
It's not a credit card, just the member points card thingy.
I feel official though.

Hearts and stars,

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sick Sunday

Today Roly Poly and I are SICK!

This is no fun. 

He is teething, has a cold, is coughing so hard he gets pukey. I am so sad for him. I snuggled him all night last night; maybe the snuggling is why I am now sick too.

Needless to say not much got done today. Hubs did bring in a bag of my old classroom stuff for me to go through, and I did while Roly Poly slept. 

Here's what got accomplished:

There's one poster to EBAY

 tons for my Bestie who still teaches (I cry that she doesn't stay home with me)

 some trash (even two of my faves)
They're so beat up. Plus, what am I going to do with them?

 and some special student projects to keep.

Okay, so one bag down and about six to go.

Mini-Pink Rose Bouquet and Boutonniere

Roly Poly's Valentine's outfit is coming together nicely.  It was inspired by this wonderful Starbuck's Bearista from several Valentine's past.

He's Cute, right?

Well, I just love the pink and blue color scheme for Valentine's day. Roly Poly will be wearing the blue sweateralls I made earlier in the month. A coffee died onesie; this incorporates the tan of the bears jacket. I am planning on going big and making a jacket too (time willing). And he will be wearing a little boutonniere resembling the rose that the bear is holding.

Now, I have no clue what Monster will wear to the Valentine's party his Bestie throws, but he will be bringing her a special hostess Valentine inspired by that same rose. It will be a cute little bouquet; one that will not wilt. I hope the same is true for their friendship.

Okay, so want to know how to make these precious teeny tiny ribbon roses?

Let's get started!

First, get some supplies. Like this:
  • Green floral tape
  • sucker sticks
  • pink sheer ribbon (mine was a pack of 20 pre-cut strips). Your strips need to be about 4-5 inches.
  • Green felt
  • Hot glue gun/glue

Okay, first things first! You have to roll up the rose. Follow the pics and directions below:

Fold over first end

Then fold it back the opposite way. This will help to seal it in.

Roll in this direction until most of your ribbon has been used. Then switch directions again.

When you are about here there is one last switcheroo.

This last one tucks in your end. It should look like this.

Okay, You are now going to glue. Sorry no photos. I just couldn't figure out how to glue and hold the camera. Glue by scrunching and making sure you fill in the layers at the bottom.


You should have your rose. Then cut out a 1/4 circle of green felt and two oblong leaves.

Glue the rose onto the circle. The rose should be laying on its side.

Fold the leaves like so and add a teeny tiny bit of glue toward one end to maintain the fold. Glue each leaf onto the circle in front of the rose. It is complete (sorry, no photo alone. Please refer to the first photo above or to the final photo of the post). I will be sewing the boutonniere onto the sweateralls, but velcro would also work and be baby friendly.


Take your rose and glue the stick into the center. You will now wrap with the floral tape (Again, it was too difficult to photograph this step).

Your long stemmed rose is complete. Make as many as you like. I made three and then tied them together in a bouquet for Monster's gal pal. I am sure she will love them.

My boys are ready to go!
Portrait taken by  Little Skullz Photography

Friday, January 28, 2011

{Frugal Fridays} Coach Clutch

Okay, I know what you are thinking Coach and frugal do not go together. I promise you though you will be amazed by this. This Coach clutch cost me . . . wait for it  . . . a whopping . . .


No! I did not buy this on E-BAY or Craig's List. It is not from a thrift store or yard sale. 
It is from the Coach store.

"Wha . . . Wha . . . What?" you say.

Okay, so it is from the outlet in Barstow, about 30 minutes from my house. If you are going to Vegas from LA  or Orange County you pass right by it on the 15 fwy. However, there are outlets everywhere. Every outlet has a clearance section along a back wall. Also, every outlet has sales of 20% off the entire store on a fairly regular basis. This clutch/wristlet was on that wall during one of those sales. It was back there because because of this teeny tiny pen mark on the back toward the top stitching.

Maybe less than the length of two stitches
Okay, so now you know about this little clutch/wristlet. You want to know something sad though. I have NEVER used it. I have had it for almost four years. The tissue paper is still inside. This is the closest I've come to doing something with it. I love the purple color but find it limiting. I thought about E-BAYING it, but I got such a great deal I just can't bring myself to so it.

 What if I want it someday? 

At least I didn't pay the original $138. HA! I would so NEVER do that.

So my Frugal Friday tip is go to the outlet. Who really cares if something is "last season," or twelve seasons ago. I don't. This is especially true for simple basic pieces in solid colors.

A: Ignore awful nail polish  B: Why does my skin look so awful. Seriously, it doesn't really look that bad.
Other great Coach deals I've got are a $425 limited edition suede bag for $78, scarves galore for between $12-$15, a different and smaller limited edition wristlet for $30, and AMAZING teal leather gloves w/a velvet bow and rhinestone embellishment for $14 (originally $119).