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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

{What I Wore Wednesday} Jailhouse Mama

This will be a new weekly feature. I typically force myself to dress up on Wednesdays. I haven't always gotten out of lounge wear earlier in the week, so I figure by Wednesday I need to look cute for the hubs. I thought that making it a weekly feature would encourage me to keep it up. Additionally, I found this really cool "All Dressed Up" linky party over at NoModelLady. You should definitely check it out. She is so much fun!!! Okay, so here goes nothing . . .

Today's outfit is entitled Jailhouse Mama
It just reminds me of Elvis's Jailhouse Rocks. 
This incorporates that vintage mama look with an edge. Also, it is a great way to transition from mommyhood to date with daddy. 

See for yourselves.

June Cleaver 2011 by day

Oops! Did I burn the oatmeal?

Dress: Hot Topic/Black Cardigan: Target/Ballet flats: Ross (Thanks MIL) /Belt: Volcom/ Barrett & Earrings:Forever 21/ Necklace: Cookie Lee/ 
Cabachon Ring: LMM

Daddy's Home!!!

Just remove the cardigan, switch the shoes, and grab the diaper bag (Sorry a nursing baby goes everywhere, even on dates).

ADDITIONS/CHANGES: Watch: Roxy/ Diaper Bag: Betsey Johnson/ Heels: ALDO/ Bracelet: Ah, that's a hair tie. . . 

*** DOH! I forgot to move the boys laundry basket. Well, this is a mom's outfit after all!***


  1. So cute!! Definitely reminiscent of Elvis:)

  2. Hah, I love it!! Definitely ready for a date there. ;) I love the stripes. :)

  3. I love that little belt! and your hair is totally aweome! Fun date outfit for sure!


  4. June Cleaver meets sexy it.

  5. Too funny! Love the blend of fantasy and reality. You look great, even with the bag. Thank goodness diaper bags are cute nowadays. When I was a young mom - eeek.

    Yay! Such a fun bff party! I am following you LOVE your blog! so cute! hope you follow back and check out my blog! Thank you!

  7. haha, i love the june cleaver AND how you spiced it up for night time, such a cute dress and i love the color of the heels!! you're adorable!


  8. Hey there, maybe bloggy BFF!
    I wish I looked at stinkin' cute as you in the kitchen. Even if I'm dressed to impress, it all goes to you-know-where with my clumsiness. LOL!



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