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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Gwynnie Bee Review

Several months back one of my favorite bloggers Britney Sherman of   Va-Voom Vintage Posted about receiving her first Gwynnie Bee box via a free trial. I mused over it for awhile, signed up for their emails, but didn't jump in.

However, in February I decided that a free trial is, well, worth a try. I am so glad I tried it. I got some cute clothes for work to mix up my wardrobe for 30 days. 

Here is a smattering of my experience followed by an overall evaluation.

First, my boxes came with my first three items: all dresses. 


   Spuce and Sage                                     

Cherry Velvet


I have never worn or purchased any of these brands before, so this was a pretty exciting trial.

 I immediately noticed that the size Large Cherry Velvet dress might be too big, so I put it on right away.

 And I was right. Rather than a 10 as a large, it is more like a 14. So, keep this in mind if you ever purchase this brand. I was sad, but mailed it back right away so that a new dress could ship out. It did, but I will get to that.

The first dress that I wore right away was the green and blue, mod print, TRISTE dress.

I loved this dress. Great Fit. Great colors. It is a 0X.

It was perfect for work.

 The next day I wore the Spruce and Sage dress to bible study. 
This dress is a size 10.
I paired it with a green belt that I have and a cute hair flower. 
Nice and springy, which was weather appropriate that day.

 I liked this dress, but I wasn't as excited about it as the TRISTE. The colors are super rich, but the color was not properly ironed flat, and currently I do not have an iron as I broke mine in November.

It needed pressing to keep the interfaced piece down, so my steamer did not cut it.
 Matching shoes to the belt.

I had mailed out the green Cherry Velvet dress Wednesday. By Saturday its replacement had arrived, which was awesome. We had a dance that night, and it was my back up dress in case my eShakti dress (post here) didn't arrive in time. However, my ABSOLUTELY PERFECT eShakti dress did arrive, so I wore that one. You can read about it here.

The red dress looked great!

My other items were another Triste dress.

 I almost bought it, but I decided to save my money for the new Kate Spade outlet that opened in my area. I did LOVE it! I just love Kate Spade more.

Then there was this Land's End skirt. 
Skirt: Gwynnie Bee/Lands End  Cardigan: Ann Taylor LOFT

It was actually too big, but since it was jersey, and my sweater covered it, no one was the wiser. 

My overall experience was good. Canceling was simple. However, I was disappointed to never get the Hell Bunny items I wanted to try from my closet. They were the catalyst for signing up after all. 

As far as recommendations, I would say that if you are a 2x or larger then this may be great for you. Many items did not come in my smaller end of the size range, and I have little trouble finding professional clothes for a great price at Target, on eBay, at the Goodwill, or most anywhere really. I am a woman's med/large (sometimes xl up top) and wear anything from an 8-10 (rarely a 12) depending on the cut and designer.

I hope this review is helpful. 

PS The eShakti coupon code is good until March 30. Go check out the post for the code.

Friday, March 6, 2015

eShakti LOVE and REVIEW

A few weeks ago I was contacted by eShakti to review a dress of my choice. I have heard a ton about this company, especially on wonderful blogs like Junebugs and Georgia Peaches. The dresses they share always look amazing, so I have been dying to try the company out.

So, this contact was a dream come true. I was excited that my humble little blog would be contacted.
For once the desert wind was helpful to my photo shoot. Look at that hair.

I promptly chose the perfect dress, which was actually a difficult choice. My husband helped, plus I knew that I had an event coming up with my son that was Nautical themed, so I chose a Navy and Red Fit and Flare in poplin and tulle. With pockets. Every dress should have pockets.
Dress: compliments eShakti Earrings: Match Accessories


The best part about eShakti is not the fact that there are far too many amazing dresses to fit inside my budget. Seriously gorgeous and reasonably priced.

The best part is that the dresses are fully customizable.

Gold glitter Pumps: Target Clearance (Several Years ago)  Similar in espadrille

I chose to customize my dress to my measurements. I received more compliments on this dress when I wore it to the Mother Son dance last Saturday than I have ever received on any dress in my extensive wardrobe.

I am CONVINCED that the fact it was customized to my measurements is the secret to its perfection. Plus, what gal doesn't want a tag that says custom? Can you see that in the photo. These are shots of how well folded and packed the dress was. After all, style icons like Jacki O and Audrey Hepburn often tailored clothes to their bodies specific shapes, and it is the secret of a great Hollywood stylist compared to one with just a good eye. A                                                             custom fit turns a good dress into the perfect dress.

I also added length to the dress. I am a mom who tries her best to be modest, especially for an event at my son's school.

The comfort of the dress was great as well. We danced the night away. Little boys love to dance.

I styled the dress simply with gold sparkle, round toed pumps to keep with the nautical theme. Also keeping with the nautical theme I changed my Jamicure to Jamberry Nautical. Look how perfect a match they are.

I will DEFINITELY be wearing this dress again and again. In fact, my little Monster has already asked if I would wear it on his Fourth of July birthday this year. How could I say no.

Just had to share how handsome my date for the dance was.

If you follow my Instagram feed, do not be surprised if you see this dress again and again.

Now, for all of you lovely readers, I have an awesome offer from eShakti (Valid until March 30). They are offering 10% off using the code:  rocknregalia

Just enter it in the promotional code box.

Here are some of the amazing dresses that I am adding to my wishlist. My birthday is coming up in May, so I know that I may get the opportunity to spoil myself a smidge.

/a/ Flying Hummingbirds Poplin Dress
/b/ Owl Embellished Two Tone Poplin Dress
/c/ The Ace of Spades Skirt

It seems I am leaning toward greens this season. Three of the other dresses I am in live with are green as well. It is my favorite color, so I am not surprised.

What dresses are your favorites? Do you already own eShakti.

Lovelies go buy a dress so that you too can have a Rockin' Day full of customized love.