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Friday, September 30, 2011

Boy Spaces--An All Boy Event

Here ye! Here ye!
Yeah, I am the town blog crier today,
and I am here to announce a little series 
that will be coming up next week.

It is called 


This series will focus on all rooms boy.
As a mom of two boys this is something that is constantly on my decorating and crafting brain.
So, I thought that I would share with you 
my boy areas all in one shot.

Throughout the week I will also feature some other great spaces that are out there in blogland.

If you would like to be a part of the feature post you can link up your boy space photos to the
 Flickr page that I have created.

If you are a fan of Boy Spaces, 
or you are looking for some inspiration, 
grab a button and get ready to follow along.


{Frugal Friday} A Piratey Christmas

Yesterday my friend sent me a link on Facebook for
The link was regarding a 2 pack of pirate costumes for $1.98.

I was pretty excited. I headed over to the blog, 
then I followed the link to Little Tikes.
Actually, I had some trouble with the link 
so I just went to and searched Pirate Costume.

There they were.

A two pack like this is $1.98.

A single costume is .99.

I bought three two-packs.

I paid $14.96 out the door after shipping.

I bought so many because the shipping is flat rate.

I am pleased to say that there are some boys who will be receiving 
Pirate costumes this year for Christmas.

Very sweet deal!

Go check it out. 
Maybe there are still some left.

Happy Friday!!!!
I am so excited for it to be the weekend.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Stolen Book Shower

Over the weekend I hosted a cute little shower at my house.
It was nice and intimate. 

My friend is planning on cloth diapering,
so instead of doing a diaper raffle 
we decided to do a book raffle; 
you know bring a book for the baby 
and get a ticket for the raffle.

The idea for this shower originated from 
I did use her invitations.
They were easily customized.

I also adopted some of the decor ideas as best I could,
like using Golden Books for table decor 
and candies in jars.

Some of the other fun ideas that we used 
for the shower were also stolen 
from some of my favorite places in Blogland,
as well as some cool stuff from Pinterest.

For the favors, which also served as our only other prize game,
we created these cute gumball necklaces using 
the tutorial from Jamie Lynn 

We kept them in this little jar on the table 
until each lady was able to grab one. 

One of the necklaces had a pink gumball.
The person who grabbed that one got a prize.

I also created this Golden Book garland from something 
that I pinned on Pinterest.

It was easy to make, 
and it would look super cute over a reading area 
in a play room or kids bedroom.

For some extra touches I carried through 
the theme of yellow and blue 
by wrapping my thrifted serving tower in bright blue argyle paper,

laying down some yellow houndstooth fabric as a runner, 
and using lots of fun yellow candies and serve ware.

The cupcakes above were made combining this banana malted crunch recipe and this peanut butter butter cream recipe. 
Both are from InsideBruCrewLife.

I also made this center piece 
which was inspired by a different pin.

Overall the shower was fun and simple. 
I like having a less people because 
it allows for a less stressful party for everyone.

My helper, the mom to be, and Me sporting my very own gumball necklace.

For more cute ideas that I had lined up for this shower but didn't get to, you can visit my Shower board.

Friday, September 23, 2011


Did you know that I LOVELOVELOVE
to scrapbook?

I mean I am probably obsessed.

Okay, in addition to this I am pretty Creative Memories loyal.

People have their opinions for and against this,
but I will stay loyal.

For me there is just something about a life time warranty that kills the competition.

I ADORE my consultant.

Seriously, she is more than my consultant, she is my friend.

After 8 years and about 20 albums
(Told you that I am obsessed)
I am still in love with this hobby.

For me it is the ultimate catharsis.

Do you scrapbook?
Do you have a favorite brand/product?
Are you traditional or digital?

What inspired all of the gushing of scrapbook love?


No kiddos.
No chores.
No worries.

I hope that your weekend is off to an equally great start.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

{What I Wore Wednesday} Polka dots, checks, and stripes

I am keeping today short and sweet,
as I have to run off to work.

However, I feel the need to get some input on today's outfit,
well the top half at least.

So I am mixing polka dots and leopard.

Whatcha think?
Is it a go?

I sure hope so because I am off in just a bit.

I hope your weeks are all going well.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Little Owl Shower

A few weekends back my cousin had her baby shower.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity 
to help out in the planning.

My role was mostly to make the center pieces.

The shower was owl themed,
and I sure do love anything owls.

Roly Poly even had an owl birthday at the end of July
which I have yet to share.
I promise it will come eventually.

Anyway, here's a glimpse at the little projects that 
I put together for the shower.

For the centerpieces I wanted something a bit whimsical
like candy bouquets.

I purchased rock candy in pink and yellow, 
strawberry milk shake whoppers, lemon heads,
Giant pixie sticks to turn into pin wheels, 
and mini whirly pop lollipops.

Here is the result.

Each pinwheel was made from custom paper 
that my friend from Bella Artista 
designed specially for me.
I then hand sewed the pinwheels closed using
 vintage buttons for the centers.

I love how they look spread across the tables in the restaurant.

My aunt scattered pink and green swirly candy sticks 
and kisses on the tables, 
as well as confetti with the babies name.

In addition to all of this,
we placed paper straws in pink and yellow at each place setting.
You can see them in the photos above.
Each has its own mini pinwheel.

Here is a closer look.

I loved using these special straws in my drink.
I used tiny brads to hold the pinwheels together. 
Then I took the clear mini hair rubber bands 
and wrapped one twice around each straw.
I slipped each prong through one loop of the rubber band.

Buzz Lightyear liked them too.

The final project that I made was also part of my gift.
When Bella Artista created the invitations and the paper,
I also requested that she make a sign with the babies name.
It is RIDICULOUSLY cute!!!

I had it matted and framed.
We set it out at the shower and
decorated it with a mini-pinwheel garland from the matching paper.
I also laid a chain garland in front of it.

Okay, so that is all the fun stuff 
I got to gift to my cousin and her shower. 
It was such a blessing to work on this event.

Now, I want to show you some of the 
other lovelies that were there,
like the cupcakes and cake.

My cousins MIL made these. 
I loe when everything matches so perfectly.

So does Roly Poly who enjoyed the shower 
and the candy that I let him eat while there.

He can't wait for his new baby cousin to arrive.

Aren't baby showers so much fun,
especially when there are no games.

If you would like to check out this paper design 
or any other please visit my friend Melissa
from Bella Artista on Facebook and ETSY.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

{What I Wore Wednesday} Vintage Serendipity

Vintage: representing a high quality of a past time.
Serendipity: an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.


Okay, so about two weeks ago I was off to get my first 
mani/pedi in over a year. 

I know. 
How does one survive in Cali without these things?

Well, I am great at improvising, doing it myself,
and ultimately not caring when I have to go without.

It was an exciting day though.

I was going to see my cousin,
 who I haven't seen since Christmas,
and she was going to do my nails.

BONUS: No kiddos.

I woke up and picked out an outfit.
As I prepped I didn't see the wonderful ensemble 
I was putting together.

However, when I was fully dressed 
the outcome was pleasantly pleasing.

The peach hues and vintage chic polyester 
were a serendipitous match.

Check it out man.
Blouse: Vintage from my mommy, Shorts: Mossimo/Target, White Cami: Nordstrom BP, Belt: Forever21,
Headband: VintageWannabe, Wedges, Styles4Less about 10 years ago
Oh yeah, and the tucked in is rockin' this outfit.

Awkward pose to get a better shot of the headband.

Words like serendipity make me feel free and childlike.
They make me want to do things like swing.

Oh yes! I must share the charcoal gray toes too.

They were a perfect match for my first day of work last week

Monday, September 5, 2011

Solar System Mobile

This mobile is one part purchase, 
one part fail, and three parts success!!!!
Sorry, the planets are in motion.

First, the purchase.

Roly Poly's BIG Christmas present was this solar system 

purchased from 

I just knew it would make the perfect mobile for his bedroom,
so it was his BIG Christmas present.
Okay, so now you see how we procrastinate 
on putting things together.

Next, came the fail.
I purchased and painted some embroidery hoops.
(First mentioned here)
They were meant to be the frame of the mobile.

I just KNEW that the circular shape 
was going to be perfect for a mobile.

Was I ever wrong.
I didn't take any photos because it was sooo awful
It was off balance.
Clunking together.
Tedious construction.
Ultimately a 

Okay, now I needed to get smart so that I could get my SUCCESS.
Since, I was aiming for success after a fail 
my joy at completion is three fold.
Hence, the three parts success mentioned earlier.

Next I needed to employ the hubs and his smart brain.
He told me to just use wire hangers.
I did and they were perfect.
Really, I should have just asked him in the first place.

I purchased some silver Krylon and sprayed the hangers after straightening them out and adding them together.
It took three hangers.

I also added some 16 gauge wire around some of the hangers 
for texture and dimension.

Finally, I added the solar system kit using fishing line.

Then it hung from my light fixture for about two months.

I know!!!

Finally, the Cuban Cowboy hung it above Roly Poly's crib
about a week prior to his birthday party in July.

And so,
the solar system was born . . . 

Look forward to more glimpses of Roly Poly's room in a few weeks.
Hopefully, with some better photos. 
These ones are sorta . . . eh.