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Monday, November 21, 2011

Pilgrim Cuffs Courtesy of Starbucks

Just look at these lovely pilgrim cuffs 
Monster and I whipped up tonight.

They are finished just in time for the 
Thanksgiving Festivities on Thursday.

Wanna know how we made them?

well first I saved some Starbuck's coffee sleeves.

Yep! That's right.
Coffee sleeves.

I was driving with the Cuban Cowboy a few weeks back when 
I slipped the sleeve over my wrist like a bracelet 
and an idea was born.

My initial thought was super hero cuffs, 
which I am sure will be a project in the near future,
but then I thought of Thanksgiving 
and knew that they'd be perfect for a pilgrim outfit.

So here is what we did.

We gathered our supplies:
* 2 Starbuck's coffee sleeves
* White paint and a paint brush
* black paper
* Small circle punch
* glue
Ignore the square punch.
I was going to put buckles,
 and then I realized that cuffs have buttons not buckles.

First we painted the coffee sleeves white. 

Monster enjoyed this part,
 and he really did a decent job of not making a mess.
Well, until I decided 
it would be funny if I painted his palms white.

Then we let the cuffs dry.

Once they were dry Monster punched the circle, 
with my help of course.
Card stock can be difficult to punch through.

Finally, with some Elmer's glue he adhered the circle where buttons would go on cuffs.

The "seam" of the sleeve is perfect because it makes them look even more like cuffs.
This one even got a little wet and bent so it looks more like fabric.


I am going to make Pottery Barn copy cat felt pilgrim hats tonight now that the boys are in bed.
They will be perfectly festive on Thursday.

Oh yes, and after our fun photo shoot Monster decided 
that his little brother needed to participate too.
So, he put Roly Poly in the middle of the pumpkins,
 and I let him take some photos.
He is always trying to eat things

Okay, so go and try this with your little one.
It is easy.

Friday, November 18, 2011

A Little Help For My Friend

Last Friday Monster's bestie is having her third birthday party.


Her mommy enlisted The Cuban Cowboy to help out a bit
by drawing up a poster board size Hello Kitty
for a game of 

Too cute!!!

And here it is in action.

It was wonderful to see everything in full effect,
especially since I helped my friend with some cutting and pasting and general crafting.

I love a good kids party.

Oh yeah, and to go along with the theme, 
I whipped this baby up a few days before the party.

I was inspired by Pinterest, but had to hunt down a good tutorial.
I found this AWESOME one at Made by K.

I love that the red yarn has gold sparkles through it.
It will be perfect for the holiday season,
while it also matches the parties decor.

I will say that I am not wholly satisfied with the face. 
It is much harder than I thought, 
but I just didn't have the patience to keep redoing it.

In the end  . . .
great gifts are handmade,
and that is all that matters.

I hope that you all had a wonderful Veteran's Day last week.
I know that mine was full of Hello Kitty fun 
followed by an evening of BUNCO.

What more could a gal ask for?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

{What I Wore Wednesday} Missoni Madness

Do you remember a few months back when Target had the Missoni line?
Do you remember the madness that ensued?

Well, I live in the middle of no where,
which means there was a little less madness.

In fact, there is still some Missoni left at all four 
Target's near my house.

about a week after the madness I picked up 
a lovely pair of Missoni socks.

I liked the pattern, color, and price.

I have worn them a few times, 
but today I got to wear them the way that I really 
planned on from the moment I purchased them.

Wanna see?
Here's a gander of the socks up close.
Aren't they delicious.

I thought that our '58 Chevy would be a cute set up for this little impromptu shoot.

I love the combo of yellow and brown. 
Sunny yet fitting for Fall.

Dress: Gift/Macy's, Cardigan: Nordstrom BP, Shoes: Kohl's, and Socks: Missoni

Did you have Missoni madness?

Just curious how many of us are suckers for chevron goodness.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Perfectly Pumpkin

I really enjoy seasonal cooking. 
Part of why I like it is because 
even if the weather isn't what I desire,
the food can still be yummy.

Some of my favorite seasonal recipes are Autumn recipes.
Pumpkin and squash.
All those things that start the cozy feelings 
in preparation for winter.
Sooooo . . .
for dinner last night I created a delicious menu 
full of Pumpkiny goodness.

On the Menu:

Fresh French Bread from my favorite local bakery

(made with peaches instead of plums)

Okay, so all of the recipes I used are stolen more or less. 
So I have used photos from the points of origin 
and then linked back to them so that you too 
can have a fun Fall feast.

The exception is the Pumpkin Spice Latte.
The photo above and the link are to a recipe 
I found online that I would like to try,
 but I have not yet tried.

Instead, I did things simply this time.
I just made my normal Cafe con Leche 
(AKA Cafe Latte)
using Cafe La Llave brand espresso and my cafetera.
I left it hot unlike my preciously posted ice mocha version.
You can read a little more about this from the previous post here.

Then I added a splash of pumpkin pie spice, sugar to my taste, 
whip cream atop, and a little more pumpkin pie spice for prettiness.

I hope that you try out some fun seasonal recipes. 
I have used the Pumpkin Soup recipe for three years now, but the other were all new to me.
I found most via Pinterest.

Enjoy your Fall.
Winter will be here before we know it.