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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Clutter Free Book Review

Okay, so this post is a long time coming. I actually finished the book back in January, but I spent the rest of the month, and the beginning of February, enjoying my Winter Break from work. Read: Being LAZY! Really though, my back was pretty messed up from my November accident, so after taking boys to school I would lay in bed, read, veg out on TV, and try not to damage my back further. I am so thankful for my AMAZING chiropractic team who have since moved me further along toward back health.

Back to the book. As you may know I was part of Kathi Lipp's Clutter Free Book Launch Team. This does mean that I received my copy of the book for free.

I am so glad I participated in this challenge and on this team. It was a blessed experience. I have tackled a ton of clutter, already purging over 1,000 items. It would be more, but I lost time and energy with my back down.

Each day, for 21 days, I received an email with daily tasks to help tackle my clutter. Now that the book is out, you can ALWAYS sign up for the challenge here. The best part about this is that I saved all of the emails in a folder titled "Clutter Free" so that I can redo them at any point in time, which will likely be every break, just so that I can help fight against my own very lazy tendency of not taking care of business: truth be told, I would rather be scrapbooking or shopping.

I was going to wait for my group yard sale to hopefully make some money, but instead I did this (11 bags) with most of the stuff and took it to my favorite Goodwill around the corner.

 Goodwill is BIG in my community; we have two that are wonderful, including job placement and teen centers.

Overall, I feel like I am managing my clutter better because of this book, which is a HUGE statement from me on several levels. Firstly, I do not tend to complete non-fiction/ help books in this amount of time. Clearly, being part of the launch team and challenge was a driving force in this. Lipp's writing is witty and candid, which makes the reading smooth. If you ever get a chance to see her speak live, it is a real treat.

Although, like any book, I may not be able to complete all the challenges or in the way intended, I LOVED this book. I think it is something that many woman who struggle with clutter can benefit from reading, especially since there is the accompanying challenge and facebook group for inspiration and accountability.

So, if you struggle in this area, grab your copy here.

Have a Rockin' Day!!!!!!

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