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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

That is One Hairy Man

Recently I wrote about the Cuban Cowboy's 
commissions from the band Guttermouth.

I have already shared the draft and 
final products for his first piece,
now I am about to share with you the draft of his second sketch
in all of its hilarious glory.

Here's a hint:

What do you get when you combine this

with this

Well . . .
you get this.

when you put it on this 

it looks like this


Possibly a bit disgusting too.

Okay, that is all for today.

I hope that it gave you a good laugh.

I am sure that these shirts will sale out even faster than the last ones.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Professor Lascaibar

Professor Lascaibar.

I do like the sound of that.

Yes, that's right after a year of hunting 
and hoping and PRAYING
for a professorship
I have one.
It is exactly where I wanted to be.

God knew when I would be ready 
and when they'd be ready to have me.

I am so excited about meeting my first college students today.

I just know that this semester is going to be wonderful.

Blouse: Red Haute from Nordstrom, Skirt: Old from Nordstrom BP, Belt: Styles For Less

That's me all ready to go.
Wish me luck!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Twi Hard--Paying it Forward

If you remember my recent post regarding 
why it is a great idea to enter giveaways,
then you also remember that I mentioned 
winning some ridiculously awesome 
Twilight inspired items.

Well, this post is dedicated solely to all of those items.

Yes indeedy do.

Okay, so I entered a wonderful giveaway over at 
and I won two bags.


Just look at them.
They are PERFECTLY hand crafted.

They are so roomy,
especially if you are good at putting 
things back where they belong;
I am not always great at this.

I do love all of the pockets though.

My favorite of the two is the Twilight Mom.

When my package arrived it had more 
than these super awesome bags though,
it also contained two necklaces and two magnets.


This was extremely generous of Amy from Amy Sews.

Aren't these items all awesome?

Well, I thought that I should pass some of the generosity on 
and pay it forward to my lovely readers.

Whatcha think?

Okay then,
one lucky lady will win this Twilight inspired necklace

and a Twilight inspired magnet.

Yep, it's a package deal.

Sorry that they're out of focus. I wanted to leave them in the packages for you.

In order to enter this giveaway all that you have to do is 
tell me who your favorite character is from the novel series.


My favorite character is Alice.
I love her name.
I love her enthusiasm and confidence.
I love the way that she interacts with Jasper.
If Stephenie Meyer were to write another book I think that it should be about Alice and Jasper.
How did Alice become a vamp?
What was her life like before,
 and what happened that caused her to forget?

The English teacher in me has a plethora 
of questions regarding these characters.
I desire, nay demand, further development.

Okay, so enter away and keep your fingers crossed.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Why Enter?

I have noticed something about giveaways in blog land.
Okay, truthfully I have noticed several somethings.

First, it is truly much more difficult as a blogger to get people to enter.

This was perplexing at first, but okay. . .

I even noticed that some of my favorite blogs who have 500, 1,000, 
or more do not always receive high entry rates for giveaways.

In fact, it seems that with the exception of LARGE, AMAZING giveaways 
(you know like a Silhouette or Photo Shop Suite)
on average I notice that the entry rate is approximately 10% of the bloggers readership.

Now, this isj ust observation, and is of course in NO WAY an accurate measurement.

Observation #2:
Giveaways are FUN!!!! There are some great shops out there.
Why not try to win something.

Okay, so this actually leads to what this post is REALLY about . . .
why I think you all should enter giveaways, 
nit just on my blog,
but EVERYWHERE you can.

I have been blogging/hanging out in blogland son a regular basis 
since about the end of November,
so almost 6 months.

Before this, I may have checked out a blog or two from time to time, 
but really I didn't get it.
I didn't understand what it was all about,
and I was frustrated that I didn't know what was going on.

However, once I dove in I LOVELOVELOVED it!!!!
I will never go back.

I immediately started my blog
as I began to know blogland.

I felt like it was the only way to TRULY belong,
and I was right in so many ways.

I also fell in love with blogging because it was Christmas time,
the time of all the BIG giveaways.

I entered EVERY SINGLE ONE!!!!

I wasn't winning, but I knew it would happen.

And then it did.
I was scrolling down one morning and saw this

I almost peed my pants.
Not only had I won.
I had won one of the BIG prizes,

valued at $119.

Yes, it is the MOST phenomenal digital frame EVER!!!!

Merry Christmas to me.
I told hubby he didn't have to get me a gift because I'd just won it.
Boy, was he relieved.

Then, a few days later I won a $25 credit to The Darling Daughter.
Woot! Woot! 
I was on a roll.

This was merely the beginning,
let me share with you the list of AWESOMENESS that I have won since then.



Smart and Sexy Lingerie via A Few of My Favorite Things


$25 shop credit to Little Birdie via Tatertots and Jello

Cameo Headband from Moonbeams and Stardust via Agape Love


Three patterns to the Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop via Agape Love
1 yard of Ruffle Fabric via See Kate Sew


This super awesome Nautical Necklace from Live, Laugh, and Photograph


All of this awesome Twilight swag from Amy Sews thanks to

Psst . . . come back tomorrow when I will be passing along some of this fabulous Twilight stuff.
I just feel a compulsion to share the love.

Then I went MIA for like EVER and EVER.

However, quite recently Maria Isabel
had another great printable for her fans.

So in August I received this lovely printable
which makes my gallery wall in my bedroom complete.

Look forward to seeing the final product sometime next week.

Okay, so do you see my point?
Just try. 
Enter every single giveaway that you can.
You will eventually win.
I promise.
It is worth the time.
I have met some awesome ladies via giveaways too.

In fact, that is actually how Maria Isabel 
and I first started e-mailing.
I was a doh doh and deleted my printable.
She sent it to me again. So sweet!!!

If I lived in Nor Cal instead of So Cal 
I think that she might be my best friend.
Yes, I am a blog stalker.
I confess it and knowing is half the battle.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Final product T-Shirt

Much, much, earlier this year
I posted about the Cuban Cowboy having his first "professional"
art commission.

It was a graphic for a T-shirt for the band Guttermouth.
This is the final drawing

I apologize if you aren't familiar with them.
They are a nineties punk band.

Anyway, although the tour took place during the winter,
he finally brought home a shirt of his own.

I guess they sold out quickly.
Fans were in love with the throw back style.

He is currently finishing up a shirt for their next tour. 
It is pretty hilarious.

It's slightly inspired by these lovely shirts.

Ah, you know you want one.

I will share with you the art when it is done,
but just know it is not girly in any way,
meaning the figure is not of a girl.

Instead think Al Bundy.

Have a lovely day and Rock on.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy Houndstooth Winner

I know I said Friday,
but I thought that I would give you gals a bit more time to enter.

Plus, we were plagued last week by
Hand, foot, and mouth disease.


This was only a week after my little Roly Poly had the chicken pox;
thank you vaccine for giving my boy the virus you're supposed to prevent.

Oh well,
we seem healthy now.

The winner of the lovely houndstooth fabric is . . . 

True Random Number Generator  3Powered by RANDOM.ORG


you said:

Well I've truly been wondering about you lately! Hope your summer has been great!

You did a fantastic job on your couch! That fabric is so great!!
I'd use for a lot of things to make it last since it's so great!! ....on a necklace redo, maybe some ruffles on a tote bag....
I love fabric! So generous of you to share!

Send me your mailing info and I will get you fabric out to you.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

{What I *WISH* I wore Wednesday} Pinterest Inspiration

Haven't had time to get get cute lately.

Okay, honestly I fell deathly ill Sunday night after I prepped a ton of posts.

Some still need final touches though,
so today's planned post must be pushed back to another date and time.

Instead, I will share with you some of the lovelies I have been hunting down on Pinterest.

Oh boy, I love me some Pinterest!

Okay, so Fall Fashion is starting to come into FULL effect,
and this is truly one of my favorite fashion seasons.

I love the colors,
the layers,
the textures,
and I think it will always remind me of back to school and new beginnings.

This is what I have been spying lately.

Lots of grey.
I love grey as a neutral, and this season has lots of grey L*O*V*E

 Comfy Casuals

Fabulous Dresses

Lovely Layers

Flirty Tops

Professional Prowess

Accessories that TOP the Charts

And if your man is up to some new style,
because trust me the Cuban Cowboy would not wear this,
this is a super HOTT style.

Maybe with some coercion I might get lucky.
I actually think that this one may be feasible.

Maybe for our family photos?

Okay so now that you have seen some of the style I wish I could
go out and grab this fall,
tell me what has caught your eye recently.

*****For source links to all of these looks follow me on on Pinterest******
Most can be found on Anthropologie, Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Nordstrom,