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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

First Fall Rain {What I Wore Wednesday}

IWoo hoo! I am on a role, two posts in a row. So today is a cold and rainy and rainy day here in the California High Desert. A day that warrants a trip to Panera for this yummy lunch. 

Also, today is a blessing to me because I made a new friend, Joshua. He is a soul that God has led me to pray for. I actually met him yesterday when I drove out of the McDonalds parking lot and saw this man struggling to walk because his walker was broken (missing an entire side). 

Immediately God called me to him. Ten years ago I was injured and needed a walker; that walker has sat in my garage on the off chance I might need it again. Well, who cares about off chances? Not me! That man needed a walked NOW! So I pulled up yo him and asked if I could come back in the morning and bring him a walker. He said that would be wonderful; his had broken the day before. 

So this morning, I went our of my way to bring Joshua a walker and several other items out of our blessed abundance. He was glad, maybe even joyous. I have decided that I would love to continue to bless Joshua weekly by providing him with coffee Thursday mornings throughout the cold season. Please pray for me. 

Okay, now to the frivolous part of the post: what I wore today. 
It's a bit different, but that is do me. I have on blue suede heels from Payless, free people knee socks, a cotton dress and cardigan from Target, and a $5 thrifted leather jacket. I topped it with a BP nordstrom scarf. 

I am actually in love with fall layers. I hope you are bundled up too. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Halloween is in our Midst

Howdy there. I know that, yet again, it has been awhile since I have shown myself, but now I have an I Phone. Hopefully this will help me get back into blogging on a truly regular basis... Let's hope. 

Okay, for today it's all about this years Halloween decor. I haven't created anything new for this year, at least not yet. It will probably come after the big church event on the 18th. 

I have several " mantels" in my house. I have the real mantel.
Those little owls were inherited from my amazing Aunt Melmer earlier this year. 

The top of my awesome thrifted hutch. 
I love this vignette! And including books is a must. Each section has a book, and here's one of our faves: the anniversary edition of The Nightmare Before Christmad

The top of my kitchen buffet. 
The crawling spiders are adorbs, and Archer Farms spice jars are great for making "poison".

And the top of this sideboard in our living room.
Some little crafts from Target are featured here (saved from last year). Plus, you cannot resist the lovely owl warmer from Scentsy. 
There are also many staggered levels of cradles and a lovely apple basket which my late father handmade filled with some Starbucks goodies ( and Barbie).

There are some other touched throughout the house too. 
My Missoni for Target platter and a newly squired vintage candy jar are among items adorning the dining room table. Plus, I couldn't resist the owl Trick of Treat basket; I placed my utensil canister in it for the season. 

We haven't decorated outdoors yet. I am waiting until the Cuban Cowboy has time to help with that, which will hopefully be soon. 

We also need to do a cool countdown. 

Okay, so that's all for today. My you have a blessed autumn. 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Catching Up

Hello there. I haven't been here in, well, let's just say EONS.You may have already noticed that I am making some updates.

 Life has been busy. I have been busy. Tons of crazy things have happened in the past year and a half, including my husband changing careers (not by choice), our youngest swallowing a quarter causing us to be thousands of dollars in medical debt, me working four jobs to pay off said debt successfully in just under five months. That is just the briefest of synopses. 

Roly Poly looks like the cutest hipster EVER

 Little to say, all of this has kept me away from blogging, reading blogs, crafting much at all, and, well, doing much more than being Mommy, wife, professor, Bible study leader, and exam rater.Yes, things have been C*R*A*Z*Y!!!!!!!!!!!

 Good things have happened too. I want to use this summer to share some of those things that I did manage to squeeze in. Also, I will, hopefully, share some new things as well. Today, I just want to give you a glimpse of how my Monster and Roly Poly have changed. These photos are our Christmas shots from December, so they are actually outdated, but too cute not to share.

Monster is becoming such a little man

I did the shoot myself with my Canon Rebel I received as a birthday gift in May 2012 from a WONDERFUL friend. It was her old one, but it is an AMAZING gift all the same. I LOVELOVELOVE it and, more importantly, HER!

The shoot was done at one of our local Super Targets. There are some benches on the south side between the Target and Ross. And, from the first time I saw them, I knew I wanted to do a shoot with the industrial, metal flower arrangements. They are so great. 

We chose a Geek Sheek theme to go with the industrial flowers. We even took some post "work" shots inside the Starbucks at Target afterward. You know ties undone, grabbing a quick drink. 

I hope to get back in the swing of things here. I need me some creativity.