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*****This page is still a bit under construction*****

Presently all of my sponsorship opportunities are free.

Why should you advertise at Rock N Regalia?

I have been growing at a slow and steady rate 
since the conception of my blog in November.

I receive between 100-300 hits per day and growing.

I have lots of fun, and more importantly I love 
getting to know new people and sharing life with them.


  1. Button Swap- This is my simplest option. I will show your  button if you show mine. It is mutually beneficial.
  2. Guest Posting- You will furnish a guest post on a mutually agreed upon topic.This option will furnish you with one month of free advertisement.
  3. Blog Swap- This is similar to the previous option, but I would also post on your blog. This option provides you with three months of free advertising.
  4. Giveaway- You will furnish the product and postage, if needed, for the giveaway. I will host it and randomly choose a winner. This option provides three months of free advertisement.
  5. Product Review- You furnish me with a product of your choosing and I will write a review of the product within 15 days of its arrival. This option will provide you with 6 months of free advertising.
****** Combinations of any and all of the above can be negotiated and will extend your alloted time of free advertising.****** 

Thanks for considering Rock N Regalia as a venue for promotion of your product or blog.

To let me know that you are interested please contact me at
rocknregalia (at) gmail (dot) com

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