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Monday, May 30, 2011

Summer Daze Giveaway Event -- SNEAK PEEK

Woo hoo!!! It is almost here, the Summer Daze Giveaway Event
 hosted by While He Was Napping.

I wanted to give you a sneak peek on the item I will be giving away during this event.

Yep! It is a headband from my Nauti-CALI collection.

It will make an awesome addition to any Summer wardrobe.

If you want to pick one up now just visit my shop.

Early Preparations

I am starting some early preparations for Roly Poly's first birthday party,
which isn't until the end of July.

I know that you might think I am starting too early,
but really I bought the first party item in OCTOBER!!!!

Yes, October.

In addition to this,
I already have the invitations.

My friend Melissa who runs an awesome company called

designed them.

I will be sharing them with you sometime soon.

However, today I want to share with you the little cloche that I made.

Do you remember this cloche from my Spring Centerpiece Vignette?

Well, it has now been altered.
This was ALWAYS the plan when I purchased it.

I took the cloche and, well, I actually think it was some sort of drinking glass
because a candle could never have fit in it, and married them.

First, I spray painted each item with KRYLON Jade spray paint;
it matches the other decor that I have planned.

Then I used the trusty old E-6000 to adhere the "glass" to the bottom of the cloche.
Now it was a lovely pedastool.

Then I roughed up the trays edges with some sand paper to give it a more distressed look.


Pretty cloche in which the Roly Poly's smash cake will be displayed.

I am actually unsure about the distressing that I did.
I don't think that I did a very good job.

What do you think?
Should I repaint it so that it is all uniform?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Mimicking Mandi

I am sure you all know Mandi from Vintage Revivals.
She is pretty much the bees knees.

I mean, she's even been on TV.

Okay, so she made this SUPER awesome rug.

Well, I wanted to create a rug of my own following 
some of her directions. 

Area rugs are just RIDICULOUSLY costly, 
so I thought this was a great way to save.

I had my eye out on these bathroom rugs 
that were in the Target clearance section.
I watched the price drop and drop 
until I found it to be acceptable.
Then, I snatched all the rugs that they had up;
of course I laid them all together in the middle 
of a Target aisle first to make sure my idea looked good.

I came home with 8 bathroom rugs.
This was a price totaling under $20, 
which would have originally been the price of just two.


The only other supplies that I now needed were 
scissors to cut the tags and carpet tape.

I bought this carpet tape at Home Depot.

I laid out my design again.

Then I switched a couple around for uniformity.

For some reason one rug just had way more blue than white.
There is absolutely nothing that I can do about it though.

Once my layout was set, I flipped all of the rugs over
and began to tape.

It took a total of two packages of tape 
in order to complete the project (really one 1/4 packages).

Here is the final result as it now sits in my front living area. 

In some ways it's a Monet
(gorgeous from afar and a mess up close).

Up close you can clearly see the seams.
 that one row of seams is even ridiculously 
apparent in these photos,

but for $30 total cost I really cannot complain.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Coaster Garland

This is a little post that a put together a few weeks ago,
and shared with the readers over at 
Luxe Boulevard.

If you visited Stephanie earlier in the month,
thanks for sharing the love.

If not . . . 

Today, I have a quick and simple tutorial 
for all of you wonderful ladies.

Over in my part of Blogland I craft 
and create for my home and my boys.
Today's tutorial is a home based tutorial.

Summer is nearly here,
and this means it is time to start 
shifting around decor.

My "regular" decor;
stuff like what you see here;
The Cuban Cowboy bought my the Kitchen Fairy for my birthday.
He loves my macaroni and cheese, so it is fitting.

is essentially my Summer decor
because it is up after Easter,
 which is typically earlier than this year,
until the first of October when I bring out Halloween.

I like the calm that this decorating season brings
because my social life is hectic in the summer,
as I am sure is true for many of you.

Okay, so let's get started on our 
first Summer project.
I am sure it will only be one of many that 
is completed over the next few weeks.

This project was actually inspired by 
ad different set of coasters 
that I purchased with the intention of making the garland,
but I couldn't find them when I went to get started.

I have NO clue where they went.
I had already told Stephanie what I would be doing,
so I was frantic.
Then, I remembered that I had these strawberries coasters 
from a few years back.

Phew! Relief.

Here's what you are going to need.

  • Cardboard Coaster (Michael's often has various varieties in their $1 spot ~now $1.50 spot at mine)
  • Twine/jute
  • Hot Glue Gun/Glue Sticks
  • Scrap Felt
  • Vinyl or Stickers

This is SUPER DUPER simple. Promise.

First, you are going to cut your twine, err on the side of excess.
Then fold the twine in half to find the center.
Like so.

Now, I had 7 coasters, so I adhered 
the first one at this center point.
If you have an even number
 then use the center as a reference point for
adhering the first two coasters on either side.

I adhered the coasters by running a thin line of hot glue about 1/2 inch down from the top. 

I then laid the twine across the glue.

Next, I took a piece of scrap felt cut 
from this FAILED Easter jacket.

I added a little more hot glue on top of the twine 
and adhered the felt for stability.

To keep accurate distance between each coaster,
I laid the first coaster to one side of my hot glue gun plate;
I always use a paper plate to glue on top of.

I then laid the next coaster in the center of the plate.
I kept this up for each coaster.

After I had added three to one side of the initial coaster,
I switched the oh so scientific method of measurement 
to the other side of the plate and repeated until 
all coasters were in place.

Now we are ready for our letters.
Since I own a Cricut
I cut my word out using white vinyl.

However, if you do not own a Cricut or Silhouette, you can use ABC Letter Stickers. I would choose these 
awesome Creative Memories ones.
They are such a great size and font for projects like this.

I chose the word Summer,
and I used the Cricut font Cuttin Up 
on the Serif setting.

I cut at 2 1/2 inches because the coasters are 
about 4 inches in diameter.

Since I was short one letter, 
I used my Cricut Indie Art Cartridge to cut out a Strawberry.

Strawberries are my FAVORITE,
they were the print of the coasters I used,
and they are essentially the theme of my kitchen.

I adhered each letter to the center of a coaster.

It was now ready to hang.

I am pleased as punch with the result.

Here's a little look at where and how 
I actually hung it in my kitchen.

I just used little white finishing nails.

And it looks like this.

I hope that you are able to create something as fun and simple for your kitchen or other room this Summer.

I would love to see it if you did.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

{What I Wore Wednesday} Shabby Chic Summer

This year I find myself drawn to the shabby chic
 Summer florals and muted colors that are on the racks. 

I love the romantic softness that they convey.

This week I picked up a great tank top at 
Target that fits this style.

They are on sale for $6 until Saturday.

I also had a $3 off any Mossimo women's apparel item coupon.

So I payed $3.


Did you know that Target had coupons online?
Did you know that they have them for their apparel?

Well, they do.

To check out Target's coupons click here.
(Not a payed advertisement. I just LOVELOVELOVE Target).

Okay, so today's simple, shabby chic, Summer style.

First, this may officially be the worst pose EVER, but too late now.
Top: Mossimo/Target, Jeans: Levi's COSTCO, Necklace Nordstrom

I thought that the olive colored beads helped 
bring out the green of the leaves.

And of course, 
my new Tom's that I bought with my Birthday Money 
a few weeks back.

I am so glad that I went with the brown, 
but I think that I want some off white ones too.

Maybe black also.

Okay, so maybe every single color 
because they are so incredible awesome.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fat Arms

Okay, so last week I shared some tips on how to avoid the Summer chafe,
well today I want to talk about my fat arms.

You may think I am exaggerating, but even at my 135 wedding weight,
my arms we're large.
This is in part because they gain muscle easily,
it is also just the way God built me.

Well, it can cause some fashion difficulties and discomfort,
especially in button-up blouses or dresses.

Case in point.

A lovely, blue, floral dress that I purchased from Forever 21 while I was prego.
I thought that it would be a great nursing dress 
because of the button front.
Roly Poly is 10 months and I just fit in it, barely.
Also, dress?
More like shirt.
Seriously, the bottom button was mid feminine region.

Well, thank goodness for leggings.

I just had to squeeze my chunka munka arms into the sleeves.
They did not fit.
They got stuck.
Yes, the circulation was cut off and silk doesn't have stretch.


The seam is maybe 1/2 inch, if that.

Yes, right before I left for my cousins shower I cut the bottom (armpit) seam open with scissors.
A seam ripper would work as well.

Much better!!!!

Now I was ready to go.
Dress: Forever 21, Yellow Belt: from Maternity shirt, Yellow Necklace: Forever 21

No, I did not sew the raw edge.
No time.
I was running late.
Maybe I will.
Maybe I won't.
Who knows?
I mean is anyone really looking under the pits?

What fashion quick fixes have you resorted to?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Super Quick--Run To Target

I just had to share the awesomness that I found at Target today.


Too cute, right?

Roly Poly kept trying to take it off, 
so no photo of him in it,
but it is PERFECT for any bloggy baby.

That's all for now.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Coming to an ETSY shop near you

I am SOOOOO excited about my latest creation(s).

Really I love them.

I feel like this may just be the piece that defines my shop.

At least, that is what I want it to be.

Here's a little sneak peek.

What do you think? 

Do you love them as much as I do?

I know that the Cuban Cowboy did.

In fact,
He said,
"Those look like you bought them."

I was flattered, especially coming from him.
He is the oh so brutally honest type, which totally works for me.

Okay, so I will also be giving one away here when I reach 100 followers.

Plus, I will be doing a few giveaways throughout Blogland to promote my new product.

Seriously. I love it!!!!!!

Linked to Eisy Morgan and others. For a complete Link list go to my Linky Love Tab.

Friday, May 20, 2011

{Frugal Friday} Our Newest Adventure

Last week we embarked on a new adventure in our household.
It's not walking, 
although I do think that may be around the corner.

This is what arrived on Wednesday last week from


They're pretty darn cute in all those bright colors.

Yes. We are

Brave. I know.

It is a great way to be frugal and green.

We decided to go with gdiapers.
I am in love with them!
The bright colors.
The inserts.
The disposable liners that I will be purchasing.

We also ordered some great detergent to go along with our diapers.
It was recommended by Jenna of Copy Cat Corner,
who switched to cloth a few weeks back.

How could I not love it?
It is ROCKIN like I am Rockin.

It truly is pretty amazing.
Check out the videos on their site.
Also, I love that it is great for those towels 
used for the pee accidents 
that Monster has from time to time, 
or for the towel that we keep under his potty.
Almost three year olds don't have much aim.
Potty trained in boy land seems to mean when he chooses.

Look how wonderful everything looked after it was washed.
gdiapers are Buzz Lightyear approved.

Okay, so where's the frugal part?
The cost of diapers.
My MIL has purchased most of our diapers since Monster was born.
HUGE savings.
I always wanted to try cloth, but never really had the motivation when I wasn't paying for the disposable ones.
However, she bought a big box at Costco awhile back, and didn't realize they were gone.
So I had started buying diapers.
I prefer Pampers.
Yes, I am a diaper snob.
I am actually a baby snob to tell the truth.
They are a bit pricey, even with coupons. 
So, after Jenna started on cloth I was jealous.
That was it. I was doing cloth too.

Home I came from her house in San Diego and bought my diapers.

Total cost from $134.

What did it buy?

7 g diapers
12 cloth liners
1 bag of Rockin Green

I will probably either make a few more liners following 
this great tutorial from See Kate Sew,
or purchase a few.
I will need to size up the covers in the winter,
which will cost about $75.
No biggee overall.

The Cuban Cowboy and I figure that if I use these 
for about two months,
then they are payed for.

We like them thus far,
especially after I realized I'd been putting them 
on backward for five days.
The g should be there on the back. OOOPS!

I even used this tutorial from See Kate Sew
to make a clutch style wet bag.
I need to restitch that front piece right there. OOPS!

What do you think?
I made it from a WAY old, like almost 13 years old, 
and unpresentable coat from Forever 21.

I adore the color combo that I chose.
It goes with so many outfits,
like this one from yesterday.
See it there in my hand?

We are going to use disposable sleep diapers
because I hate changing at night.
Roly Poly has a tough time sleeping as it is,
so I try not to do anything extra to disturb him.

I will also keep some disposables on hand for Sundays at church
and if there is a sitter.

No one else needs to mess with the g diapers in times of poopy but mama.

Best of all, they are Roly Poly APPROVED!!!!!

Okay, so what are some ways you combine frugality 
with being green?