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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Perfectly Pumpkin

I really enjoy seasonal cooking. 
Part of why I like it is because 
even if the weather isn't what I desire,
the food can still be yummy.

Some of my favorite seasonal recipes are Autumn recipes.
Pumpkin and squash.
All those things that start the cozy feelings 
in preparation for winter.
Sooooo . . .
for dinner last night I created a delicious menu 
full of Pumpkiny goodness.

On the Menu:

Fresh French Bread from my favorite local bakery

(made with peaches instead of plums)

Okay, so all of the recipes I used are stolen more or less. 
So I have used photos from the points of origin 
and then linked back to them so that you too 
can have a fun Fall feast.

The exception is the Pumpkin Spice Latte.
The photo above and the link are to a recipe 
I found online that I would like to try,
 but I have not yet tried.

Instead, I did things simply this time.
I just made my normal Cafe con Leche 
(AKA Cafe Latte)
using Cafe La Llave brand espresso and my cafetera.
I left it hot unlike my preciously posted ice mocha version.
You can read a little more about this from the previous post here.

Then I added a splash of pumpkin pie spice, sugar to my taste, 
whip cream atop, and a little more pumpkin pie spice for prettiness.

I hope that you try out some fun seasonal recipes. 
I have used the Pumpkin Soup recipe for three years now, but the other were all new to me.
I found most via Pinterest.

Enjoy your Fall.
Winter will be here before we know it.

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