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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

First Fall Rain {What I Wore Wednesday}

IWoo hoo! I am on a role, two posts in a row. So today is a cold and rainy and rainy day here in the California High Desert. A day that warrants a trip to Panera for this yummy lunch. 

Also, today is a blessing to me because I made a new friend, Joshua. He is a soul that God has led me to pray for. I actually met him yesterday when I drove out of the McDonalds parking lot and saw this man struggling to walk because his walker was broken (missing an entire side). 

Immediately God called me to him. Ten years ago I was injured and needed a walker; that walker has sat in my garage on the off chance I might need it again. Well, who cares about off chances? Not me! That man needed a walked NOW! So I pulled up yo him and asked if I could come back in the morning and bring him a walker. He said that would be wonderful; his had broken the day before. 

So this morning, I went our of my way to bring Joshua a walker and several other items out of our blessed abundance. He was glad, maybe even joyous. I have decided that I would love to continue to bless Joshua weekly by providing him with coffee Thursday mornings throughout the cold season. Please pray for me. 

Okay, now to the frivolous part of the post: what I wore today. 
It's a bit different, but that is do me. I have on blue suede heels from Payless, free people knee socks, a cotton dress and cardigan from Target, and a $5 thrifted leather jacket. I topped it with a BP nordstrom scarf. 

I am actually in love with fall layers. I hope you are bundled up too. 

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