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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Season of Change

This is a season of change. A season of crazy things going on in life that are entirely unexpected and different. Over the past few years so many things have shifted or broken. Whether it be the television or coffee maker or our car (three ones over), we have had a ton of things break. Each time we have been able to step back, examine, and simplify.

Some of the most recent changes going on have come with the most prayer and the most stretch. 

1. New adventure

I have decided to embark on the awesome adventure that is being a Jamberry consultant. I am overwhelmingly excited for what this can mean, especially that it means pretty nails I can afford in both my monetary and time budgets.

2. New Car

I seriously did not think that I would be getting a new car for several more years. Then, last month, I was in an accident wherein I lost my car. This left us in a bind for several weeks. I am lucky enough that we do have one extra vehicle, though not incredibly reliable. Well, now I am the owner of an awesome 2013 Volkswagen Sportwagen. I am so blessed by God. 

3. Launch

I am so blessed that after praying over my application, it was accepted to be a part of Kathi Lipp's launch team for one of her soon to be released books. It addresses an area of life wherein many mom's struggle: clutter. I am very nervous and excited about what God has planned for me in this particular journey. To find out more about this book and previously published works from Kathi Lipp go to her site.

Please pray for me as I embark on these super awesome changes, and I am sure more are alwasy coming right around the corner.


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