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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Polka Dot Passion

Toward the beginning of this year  one of my favorite gals of Instagram, Dictiocanary, mentioned wearing polka dots a ton. Then she realized post hoc that maybe she didn't wear them as much as she though, so she challenged herself to embrace her love affair with polka dots more often.
This is my newest polka dot dress. It is handmade and came from the Goodwill for $4. It is PERFECT!

Well, this got me thinking about polka dots. At first I thought that I too need more polka dots in my life; I clearly was not wearing them as often as I would like. Nor did I own enough. 
Skirt and bag: Kate Spade

After musing on this for a few weeks and looking down at my Kate Spade Pavilion Dot bag and it's matching zipper pouch, I realized that I have a profuse amount of polkas in my life.

Here is a snap shot tour of some of my favorites. I tried to get as many items as possible and a variety of types.

My sheets: 

And, I just bought even newer polka dot sheets(SHHHH! FrenchBull $15 on clearance at Target)

Hair scarves in different colors, sizes, and shapes of polka dots:


Jamberry Nail Wraps (This is an affiliate link to my business page):

Burgundy on Burgundy dot: Forever 21 , black and white polka dot: high school 15 years ago, and red and white dot: Alannah Hill (from eBay) SIMILAR

Cute Mint Summer Dress:

 With a little mint polka dot hair flower:
This background is the skirt of the dress above
Black&white: Target Green&white: Handmade by  me
Similar to Black&White Here
 Belts with polka dots:

 Storage bins in my closet with polka dots:

 Sleepwear (including slippers) Both from Target Christmas 2014:

 Scrapbook supplies:

I even tried some polka dots when I did my Gwynnie Bee free trial.

 There are so many more throughout my home: Shoes, cups, book marks, underwear, slips, and whatever else can be dotted.

Okay, so I think that it is clear that I may actually have enough polka dots in my life, or do I? I am sure that I will always buy more and more. I just cannot resist a good dot.

How about you? Do you have enough dots in your life? What are your favorite polka dot pieces?

Have a Rockin' Day


With the exception of my Jamberry link, there is no affiliation between me and any of the brands or people linked above. They are merely brand and style preferences.

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