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Thursday, November 19, 2015


I just wanted to put it out there today that I am thankful. In a time when so much has shifted, as life continuously does, I am thankful.

I am thankful for my Jesus who saves me from myself and my sin. Who gave his everything so that I could love him.

I am thankful that God saw fit to bring me the husband of my youth so we could grow miraculously old together.

I am thankful for the little boys who scream, fight, giggle, mess up, grow, change, cry, and, most importantly, cuddle me. They are the joy God has given me so that I might know what the Father feels for us his children.

I am thankful for provision. God's provision that is more when we need more and less when we need to rely on him and focus on his faithfulness.Praise Him for this wisdom.

I am thankful for friendships old and new, ones I was scared to let go and others I was terrified to begin.

I am thankful for the crisp Autumn air that the California desert has been longing for.
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I am thankful for leisure and work, for focus and distraction, for who I am and who I will become.

I am thankful for parents who raised me in a manner that fit me. Although it was not perfect, it was a joint effort with two wonderful grandmothers who aided in working out the kinks. I am thankful that now they are the grandparents and get to enjoy time in that role.

I am thankful for inlaws. I may have the most miraculous inlaws God ever created. I am so thankful for these crazy Cuban people who have a crazy love for God and my family. They are awesome!!!

I am thankful for students who really are pretty special. As a professor, I have cultivated relationships with some of the most genuine human beings. They teach me as I teach them, and they grow me ever more toward compassion.

There is so much more I am thankful for. The list of blessings God grants me day by day and moment by moment is unfathomable. 
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I hope you take a moment to praise God and graciously thank him too.

Jayna Rae

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