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Saturday, October 8, 2011

{Boy Spaces} On Pinterest

Of course we cannot have a discussion of the awesome Boy Spaces that can lend us inspiration
without mentioning some great things that I have come across on Pinterest.

So let's end this here event with a montage of some of the wonderful things that I have on my 

Hopefully this board will continue to fill with awesome and amazing ideas. or
 I just have to end this with the perfect wall art 
saying for any little boy. 
I know that you will find it to ring true just like I did.
Thanks to all of you who followed along with this mini-event.
I had it in the back of my mind and on my agenda 
for SEVERAL months, like since March.

I just have a passion and love for all things little boy.
I hope that you are inspired. I know that I have been.


  1. Thanks, Jayna Rae for hosting such a great week. Not enough attention is paid to the crafty/diy lives of moms with boys. This has been a great week full of inspiration.

  2. I LOVE this post!! Such great inspiration! I love the little dinosaur with the succulent! Too cute


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