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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Welcoming In a New Year

We are here to welcome in a new year and a new way of Rockin'

With the new year, I would like to make a shift in this oh so neglected blog. The first aspect of this shift is to actually write (fingers crossed). The second aspect is to focus more on style. 

Bible study outfit (Thursday) scarf-thrifted, shirt-Kate Spade, skirt-Target, necklace-Express, heels-Franco Sarto

This shift toward style is an aim at achieving the first goal. I believe that it is simpler to move through the posts if I have a backbone that drives them, much like the spine of a book holds together such varying details that combine to tell the entire story. 

Awesome thrifted books from this week. 

I have always adored fashion; and it has always been a facet of my blog; but instead of crafting being the center and style periphery, I am going to switch the roles. 
Wednesday Wear (TKD/AWANA)- cardigan-Target, blouse-thrifted, jeans-gift/Ross, tights-Target, necklace-Nordstrom

Since we wear clothing everyday, it is central to our lifestyles. It is the means by which, or rather in which (literally), our lives progress from one moment to the next. It's what we wear to the market, church, Tae kwon do, etc. 

I joined a co-op this week. This is my first haul. Roly Poly ate the apple before we were out; the door of the community center.

This doesn't mean that other areas of my life will not appear. Of course they will; they are the story. The clothes are merely the thread. I hope this changes motivates me. May God bless our lives as we live virtual life together.

Monster did so well his first week back to school, with a new teacher, that he received this awesome shuttle as a reward.

May you have a Rockin' weekend!!!!!

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