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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Busy Momma: ME TIME

Boys at the dentist this week

To say that I am a busy mom is an understatement. And although I am busy, I have far more free time than I did this same time last year. Since I was MIA in the blogging world last year, that story has never been told. I suppose I will have to prep something on our 2011 crisis that led to 2012 being dedicated to paying medical bills.
Me at the end of a busy day
Outfit--- Sweater( as seen last week)Old Navy, Necklace London Reid, Ribbon: from a gift

Anyway, at present life is full but in a steady way. I have slowed down to spend more time with the boys, especially the little Roly Poly. However, this often leaves me feeling as if I do not get enough me time. Then I wonder, "Am I even supposed to have 'me time'?" 

Hmmm... It is something to ponder. Has our egocentric society developed this idea of prioritizing the self so much that as a whole people no longer see family time as " me" time? Truly, spending time with my family should invigorate me, not drain me. It should be something that I see as a blessing, not an annoyance. 
I mean look at these silly faces. They fill me up with laughter and joy.

This is a goal I am setting for myself: I am challenging myself to see my children as a part of me and my time with them as "me time". It is time when I get to enjoy the abundant blessings that God has entrusted to me. It is undoubtedly " me time."  
At a park in Wrightwood this past Friday.
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Will you rise to this same challenge?

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