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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kate Spade From Head to Toe

Eeek! Today I did something that I don't do too often for several reasons (cost, variety, stylizing); I wore the same designer from head to toe.

Today also marked the midterm for my students, which meant exams, and that I was up late last night, followed by a sun rise morning in order to prep said exam thoroughly. This type of sleep leaves me feeling a need to over compensate by dressing my best. What could be better than Kate Spade? Not much.

The skirt I am wearing is one of my favorites. It's a Lilith Skirt, and I highly recommend it. It is soft and flowy. Plus, it would look great with a petticoat ( I need to get one of those). 
My blouse is new to me, but I think that it is actually a NWOT purchase from eBay, because it is clear that it hadn't been washes before; all of the lines are so crisp, and the white is super bright.

The sandals are also an eBay purchase, nay, steal. I scored them for about $11 (including shipping) back in January. I am so glad for the warm weather that is allowing me to put them to use. 
Necklaces: Heart- custom/BA grad gift
Bow: Tiffany, Bow earrings: Coach
For the "head" part of my head to toe ensemble, I wore my Jayna sunglasses. However, I felt that my post dedicated to them pretty much covered how awesome they are.

Do you ever do head to toe of a favorite designer? Do you think it is tacky? Let me know? 

Love you oodles caboodles.

Have a rockin' Friday!

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