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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Small and Simple Holidays inspiring a New Year

Happy New Year!

I wanted to start the year by reflecting back on this past holiday, especially since it inspired my one little word for 2015: SIMPLICITY.

This year we wanted to keep things small and simple around here for Christmas. This included the idea of only buying four gifts per person (want, need, wear, read) and buying as much handmade or small business items as possible (I also think that American made is a bonus way to support our economy here in the states).

Much of my Black Friday shopping supported this endeavor. And though not all if it was for gifts for others, most was holiday related. These non-gift items included materials for my December Daily album from Freckled Fawn, Studio Calico, items from, scrapbookdailydeals

I also got some planner stickers from It's planning Time 

and labels for the boys items from Mabel's labels.

Handmade is awesome! It truly is. This year I purchased many handmade items and items from small businesses.
These atomic brooches from The Crave Yard and thank you brooch from Australian artist Ella Mobbs who founded the brand Creep Heart
She sent it with this super awesome print I ordered for our home as a shared gift for me and the Cuban cowboy.
 We are going to be redoing a wall with art in the very near future. Be on the look out.

I also got some cute small business clothes for the boys. First this awesome shirt from Pow Wow Prints, a California based clothier.

It came in this bag, which will make a great cross body bag once I add a strap.

I picked up this Warrior Poet (love this brand) shirt also on

From California brand Lil Lou Lou, I bought this cute cowboy top. 

I know that is more than two shirts, but for the wear and read we did multiple items in a single box.

For me, we went down to the PUG (Pinup Girl Clothing) Yardsale a few weeks back and snagged two items. 
Spanish Fan Dress
Dolores top in White (orange room makes it look orange. Sorry) 

Both are made in the USA. It is also extra great to support so many California brands.

Another way we brought in small businesses to our Christmas was the mantel.
 I purchased some prints from Lovely Lines Design and this awesome string art from Crystal at Thread Therapy (My mom got the same string art piece in a different color way as a gift).

Crystal also was the artisan behind our 2014 Christmas ornaments. They are so perfect.
And we have two of each design. The boys both chose snowflakes. I wrote their names and the year on the back. 

We were lucky enough to even be able to bring the idea of small into the read area of our gift giving with this recently published children's book Thank You, Frankie: How God Used a Kid and His Sandwich authored by the daughters of our pastor and illustrated by the woman behind Eisy Morgan. 

Not only did my RolyPoly get a copy, but my SILs little girl, and I am sending one to each of my cousins in Idaho for their households.

Since, I am now an incredibly lucky lady who sells Jamberry, I did gift some Jams to a few little ladies in my life and a cousin. I am my own small business after all. 

Further ways we incorporated small was by purchasing a scarf and some book marks from the global gift fair held at our church at the beginning of the month. These items are handmade around the world, and ALL proceeds go directly to the artisans.

Roly Poly got a big boy mattress from grandma so we could convert his bed. 
So I made (or am almost done making) a quilted comforter for him. It is made from his swaddling blankets.

Finally, I ordered these cute bible study journals from Intentional Home for me and a gal pal. 

They will not arrive for a few more weeks, but they were purchased for Christmas.

There were still some Legos, makeup purchases, binoculars, books, headphones that were purchased from mainstream retailers. However, as you can see, much of what we gave was focused on simplicity. This is something I want to focus on for the next 365 days.

Do you have one little word for 2015?

How might you simplify your life so that the richest treasures can shine through?

Have a great new year. I will be back tomorrow evening with an update on my Clutter Free Challenge.

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