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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Cost of Clutter

Items cost money. Storing them costs money. Maneuvering around them when they aren't properly stored costs time and peace. Is it worth the cost?

These are some of the issues that Kathi Lipp raises in her Clutter Free challenge. 

One thing that is encouraged is taking time to log all new purchases with their purpose and place of storage. Such a smart plan. It forces you to think about what you are bringing into the home. Is it a necessity or an impulse purchase (that Target One Spot is dangerous as far as impulse buys go). 

I enjoy that this book doesn't just address getting rid of items, but discovering how to boy covet and desire more than is actually needed.  We live in a fast paced society of fast fashion, fast decor, and fast trends. This causes people to want more and accumulate useless objects. If we take time to consider purchases, then clutter can be diminished to some degree. Contentment in what we have is key. 

This is only one of several ways the book addresses the issue. 

Okay, so now to my progress. I fell behind while ill, but I made up for it by doubling up on items the next two days. The last clutter free related post left us with 143 items. 

I have since purged an additional items 457.  

This brings me to the Grand total of: 600 even (I could not have planned that number if I tried).

The break down is as follows:

Wednesday (New years Eve), I rid our house of 69 items. I did so by tackling the sock drawers in my bedroom dresser and grabbing misplaced and broken items as I saw them throughout the house. They went from this:

Sorry for dark photos, it was around 10 at night I got to this. You can see that the drawer is stuffed though.

To this as the result:

Tights drawer

Now there is space in this drawer. Pretty. Socks are bulky and take up space. Ridding myself of my least favorite socks gives me room. I moved my gloves and leg warmers to a different drawer in the closet, which also gave additional space. Fantastic!!!!

Then on Thursday I purged 45 items throughout various areas of the house and two of the cubbies from my large Ikea square shelving system in the office (my target area).

Friday was only 29 items, most of them were from Christmas items I sacked while putting away Christmas til next year. I did end up with one if my Christmas containers completely empty in the end, which is awesome.

I am a bit behind on the specific challenges as I play catch up from the sick days this week, and from just enjoying hubby's vacation time. However, now that we are into a more normal week, I have been able to go into overdrive, especially since husband headed back to work. His vacation was such a blessing though.

So Saturday was one item tossed out (thank you dogs for eating the toy) before celebrating The Cuban Cowboy's birthday at Travel Town in LA, followed by a date to Mimi's Cafe and the movies for The Hobbit (love gift cards).

Sunday was a rest day with zero items.

Monday was the best day yet!!! I got rid of a total of 102 items throughout. I caught up on the kitchen drawers that were part of the challenge. 

After photos:

I may be in need if bags. I think I have extras in the laundry room. Fingers crossed.

I also tackled another portion of my target area: the office. It is much improved.


 I haven't really been counting trash, but in the office much of the clutter is paper work/trash.
Therefore, I did count it in here as I threw most of it I in this awesome Target paper bag. Paper bags are great for recycling. I always ask for them at the local Super Target. Most of what left that green cubby was paper items, then I placed scrapbook items that had less adequate homes into the cubby instead.

Then today, Tuesday, started out a bit slow, but ended in 187 items out the door!!!!! Top number thus far! Plus, I caught up on the purse challenge and today's challenges that I received in my email, one of which was that high traffic area catch all, which I showed a photo of the first day.
Just in case you have forgotten:

 Now it looks like this:

Purse: this is my purse of the week. Mine tend to stay fairly empty because I use other bags, but this time it got crazy in my purse. 

Why is there a candy bar in there? 


 Then I attacked two of my bathroom drawers at separate times today. I have been saying I would do it for about a year now, so I am glad to have it done. 

The before mess. As you can see I had already begun to sort when I took the photo. 
The after result. 

Drawer two only has an after:

Why do I keep things like empty perfume bottles? Crazy woman.

My oldest little Monster also got rid of 24 items from his room to make space for his Christmas gifts. I thought it was a good job.

 Overall things are going slow and steady, which I think is best for long term improvement.
If I think about the cost of leaving the clutter, which is where I began today's post, I think about the forgotten Olive Garden gift card I found today in the catch all.

I also think about what my husband mentioned, that things look like they are supposed to. How many fights has it cost us over my own guilt for the clutter if he mentions its existence? These fights could have all been avoided if things just looked like they are supposed to. When did clutter become normal?

Are you decluttering? 
How is your progress? I would love to hear.

You can always join the challenge and grab a copy of the book.

*I did receive a copy of the book for review c/o Kathi Lipp and her publishing team.

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