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Monday, February 9, 2015

In My Mailbox This Week

Okay, I am not going to lie, I get fun mail at least once a week. There are several reasons for this ranging from some subscription boxes I currently have (Birchbox, IPSY, Studio Calico, and Stylebox for Jamberry) to the magazines my boy's receive (this was something I requested as Christmas gifts: BEST IDEA EVER).

This week though, I was extra excited about my mail box arrivals. Two items that I ordered to arrive in December (hopefully), arrived this week. Both are printed materials who had issues or delays in printing compounded by the port strike and weather issues.

First, My Intentional Home Daily Journals arrived. 

I ordered these on Black Friday. There is one for me and one for my six year strong Bible study co-leader. She is super organized, so it is the perfect gift for her. I yearn to be organized, so I am excited to put it into practice.

Isn't it gorgeous?!?!?!!!!
(buy here)

Oh, I love the little areas and the explanation in the front of why each section is there.

 They came in cute little bags, and there was a bonus for the wait.

I cannot wait to fill this little book out for The Cuban Cowboy as his Valentine's gift tonight. I think it will be a great thing for him to keep in his travel bag as a reminder of my sincere devotion when he travels.

Then, my THRYVE magazine issue three arrived. This was BEYOND exciting. I loved the first arrival, but seriously I am all about this magazine. 

In fact, I am considering sending in a portfolio to become a featured writer (prayers for that).

Thryve is a new (Third quarterly issue kind of new) Christian publication aimed at women. I was introduced to it when Bonita of posted a photo on her IG. I recognized my friend Aurora of on the cover immediately, which led me to find out what this magazine was all about. I order that issue in digital copy, and I just knew that I needed a dead tree version the next time around.

Well, the magazine is phenomenal (GET YOURS HERE), and the gals in charge are absolute dolls. I mean they are sweet as pie. Though the arrival is a tad later than December, there were constant updates regarding the delay often to reassure all customers that they were not forgotten. And, for the delay they gave free access to the digital copy while printing issues were resolved. This means I have read portions of the magazine already, but I am ecstatic to dig deep with the real deal. Additionally, they sent coupon codes to some of the awesome handmade shops run by the sponsors of the magazine. 

Then, when the real deal magazine arrived, The Dwell Journal was included (swoon). 

This journal is a guided means to internalize and take notes on the articles in the magazine. Best idea EVER!!!! I am very pleased. It was ALL worth the wait.

I will order from both companies again, soon, I am sure.

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