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Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Festivities

Thanksgiving was such an AMAZING event, as always. I love the way my husband barbeques that bird. DELICIOUS!!! Anyway, I decided not to set the table this year, but put the plates and flatware on another table for guests to pick up on their way toward the yummy food buffet.

For the flatware I wrapped them in some eggplant napkins I picked up at Target in the clearance section for 48cents. Yippee!!! Then I placed them in some canning jars I haven't yet put to use. I topped them off with a little bit of twine.

The evening ended well. My husband and our friend Steve played some fun music for us. Steve is such a great banjo player. It is a great instrument that people forget about sometimes. 


  1. Dave looks awesome! As did you the last time I saw you. You didn't invite yourself to our house because your always welcome! Glad you had a great Thanksgiving!

  2. I found your blog site from your FB page and am so glad I did. I had no idea you had this blog. About the banjo----I am a huge fan of the instrument and my husband is teaching me guitar so that one day I can play the banjo. It's always been a favorite. And in my part of the world, you hear it play quite a bit!


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