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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

SHUTTERFLY 50 free Photo Cards

I absolutely adore Shutterfly products. Whenever my family has a professional photo shoot I love to put together photobooks of these exceptional shots.

A great, miniature, mailable way to get the same effect and share it with your family for the holiday season are the new photo story cards. This is especially wonderful for those of you who already write a Christmas letter to your family each year. These new cards allow you to have the Christmas letter experience in a creative way, highlighting your MOST important events.

Finally, I LOVELOVELOVE that Shutterfly always has great deals and prices. For instance, this 50 free photo card deal for bloggers. What a wonderful way to save some money on your photocards, because if you're like me you need far more than 50. I was sooooo excited about this deal because I'd already created my card but was waiting for some finances to be available. God's time is wonderful, ALWAYS!!! The card above is the style that I've chosen this year. I adore that it fits so many photos. I promise to share mine later in the week.

Our card also comes in red and 5x7

In addition to all of these cute options for sending warm holiday wishes, they can also be your one stop place to shop. You could purchase a beautiful canvas for the grandparents or create a family calendar. Both would make delightful gifts.

Oh yeah, and don't forget to return to Shutterfly after the holidays to pick up some Thank You cards for those extra special gifts that you received.

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