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Monday, July 18, 2011

Where Have I Been?

Well, I thought that I should just stop by and drop a line to all of my lovely readers.
I am sure that one or two of you are curious as to where I have been lately.

My posts became more and more sporatic and then non-existent.

Well, really I am just busy and tired.

Two birthday parties three weeks apart is a BIG challenge,
much larger than I ever anticipated.

Plus, I had to finish my couch, paint some in the house,
hang photos that should have been hung months ago.,
tie up some loose ends in the boys room before Roly Poly's party on Saturday.

And . . . while all of this is going on I am supposed to be mommy,
a fun, Summer loving, mommy.

You know the one who takes their kiddo to swim lessons and the park.
The one who plays in the backyard with the boys.

So, please hang in there and I will be back with some fun stuff.
I just don't have the time or energy at the moment to upload, edit,
and most importantly create a lovely post.

Thanks for the loyalty.



  1. I feel you on the close birthdays! My kids have birthdays 3 months in a row. Kiah's is Feb 28, Then Zanders is March 13 (barely 2 weeks apart) Then Bruce Jr's is April 29th! Oye!! Talk about stressful! :)

    And I too have been a little MIA.. been super busy with summer stuff too! :) So no worries! Good to hear from you though! :)

  2. Hey, the only reason I AM around is because I'm a stalker more than a blogger. I wish I could be as creative. I also feel your pain on the birthdays. My children are grown - see my birthday post today - but their birthdays are 10 days apart. Yeah, we planned for summer birthdays.

  3. aww, no worries!! I think everybody has slowed down during the summer months! I promised myself that I would only blog this summer when it wasn't interfering with the kids, so I've only been posting here and there too! We'll all hang around and wait for your schedule to open back up!


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