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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Final product T-Shirt

Much, much, earlier this year
I posted about the Cuban Cowboy having his first "professional"
art commission.

It was a graphic for a T-shirt for the band Guttermouth.
This is the final drawing

I apologize if you aren't familiar with them.
They are a nineties punk band.

Anyway, although the tour took place during the winter,
he finally brought home a shirt of his own.

I guess they sold out quickly.
Fans were in love with the throw back style.

He is currently finishing up a shirt for their next tour. 
It is pretty hilarious.

It's slightly inspired by these lovely shirts.

Ah, you know you want one.

I will share with you the art when it is done,
but just know it is not girly in any way,
meaning the figure is not of a girl.

Instead think Al Bundy.

Have a lovely day and Rock on.

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  1. So i have been missing your calls because we were out of was horribly chaotic and I need to call you and tell you what happened to hear your opinion but I am going out of town tomorrow. I will try and call in the morning!


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