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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Twi Hard--Paying it Forward

If you remember my recent post regarding 
why it is a great idea to enter giveaways,
then you also remember that I mentioned 
winning some ridiculously awesome 
Twilight inspired items.

Well, this post is dedicated solely to all of those items.

Yes indeedy do.

Okay, so I entered a wonderful giveaway over at 
and I won two bags.


Just look at them.
They are PERFECTLY hand crafted.

They are so roomy,
especially if you are good at putting 
things back where they belong;
I am not always great at this.

I do love all of the pockets though.

My favorite of the two is the Twilight Mom.

When my package arrived it had more 
than these super awesome bags though,
it also contained two necklaces and two magnets.


This was extremely generous of Amy from Amy Sews.

Aren't these items all awesome?

Well, I thought that I should pass some of the generosity on 
and pay it forward to my lovely readers.

Whatcha think?

Okay then,
one lucky lady will win this Twilight inspired necklace

and a Twilight inspired magnet.

Yep, it's a package deal.

Sorry that they're out of focus. I wanted to leave them in the packages for you.

In order to enter this giveaway all that you have to do is 
tell me who your favorite character is from the novel series.


My favorite character is Alice.
I love her name.
I love her enthusiasm and confidence.
I love the way that she interacts with Jasper.
If Stephenie Meyer were to write another book I think that it should be about Alice and Jasper.
How did Alice become a vamp?
What was her life like before,
 and what happened that caused her to forget?

The English teacher in me has a plethora 
of questions regarding these characters.
I desire, nay demand, further development.

Okay, so enter away and keep your fingers crossed.


  1. I actually do really like Alice. I love her free spirit-ness. I also like Emmett simply because he is GOR-GEOUS!

  2. Ok, I'm entering!! I can't get enough of Twilight!! (See the blinkie on my blog) My favorite has always been Alice! I got a ton of requests for her hair cut when the first movie came out. Get the new book and it will give you some back ground on her life. I also adore Esme. Fiercely protective of her family. Kind of reminds me of myself, or the me I'd like to be.

  3. I love me some Edward. He is so giving and such a gentleman. I love the way he is so old fashioned about 'things'. lol


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