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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Repurposing Christmas

Since funds are a bit tight this Christmas, but I have lofty ideas and dreams of a Christmas decor make over, I have found myself repurposing some of the things that I have had for several years. Here are my first two projects.

Wreath form from real wreath 2 years ago
Well used Christmas tree garland
glittered poinsettias in red and green
green ribbon left over from Christmas sign project

1. Attach poinsettias to their form using the wired stems
(5 groups of red/green combo)
2. Wrap the Christmas tree garland around the form until desired fullness is obtained.
4. Finish off with a large bow created from a remnant piece of ribbon. I attached the bow with a twist tie.
VOILA! Repurposed wreath complete. Hang and enjoy.

Doesn't it frame the roly poly's face perfectly?


I keep this jar decoration on the back splash of my counter; it breaks the kitchen from the den. 

Glass jar (originally purchased for sister-in-laws baby shower)
red rocks (from last years Valentines)
Snowflake ribbon (off a package a few years back. It's been floating around)
Floating candles from Big Lots
Tray from Target clearance

1. Fill jar with red rocks and replace lid
2. Wrap the ribbon around the lid of the jar and tie a bow
3. Place on tray and set up candles as desired


Okay, so that is it for now. I am sure that I will be repurposing some other stuff soon.

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