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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Sermons

I love God! I mean I truly love God! He is the guiding force of my life, my protector, my hope. Although this may not always be apparent in every aspect of my life, especially when I break down and freak out at my husband or kiddos in that oh so human way, it is what I want the world to know.
Dress: vintage/thrifted ($7), shoes: Bakers (free/gift from mom), belt: Target, gloves:vintage (From yesterday's post), necklace: vintage, bracelet:Christmas gift from Cuban Cowboy, Jacket: Via Spiga (gift), clutch: Coach (I hear it's the Pantone color of 2014). PS: Don't hate on my MJ one glove. I had to take the pic, and I couldn't wear both.

One small, and seemingly frivolous, way that I demonstrate this love for God is dressing up for my weekly date with Him. Yep! I have an extra special date with him each Sunday. Just like the Cuban Cowboy, I hang out with God everyday, but Sundays are a bit extra special. 

For this week, I also included a special piece of Jewelery as the foundation of my ensemble. It is a super cool, vintage cross that I inherited from my Grandma Blanche. What makes this necklace so cool is that there is a teeny, tiny magnifying glass at its center. When one looks inside she sees a scroll with the Lord's Prayer. Super cool! However, I rarely wear it because it is gold, and I am not; nor have I ever been; a fan of gold.

It is perfect with this vintage dress though.

Making this Sunday extra special was another phenomenal sermon. This week talked about keeping ourselves focused on God so as to not drift away. I love the nautical theme, and it reminded me of the Plumb song Drifting.
 If you are not familiar with Plumb, I promise you will love her lyrics (even if you aren't Christian). She sings about life, and she is truly authentic. 

To wrap up the days thoughts: is God your anchor? Is he the shoreline you are aiming for? I pray, in earnest, that he blesses you this week.

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