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Sunday, February 2, 2014

EYE love you

"I love you in the morning and in the afternoon. I love you in the evening, underneath the moon."
Order: TL-Cuban Cowboy, TR-Roly Poly, BL-me, and BR-Monster
Such a great childhood song: one I love to sing ( hand motions and all) to my own little joys. I sing to them, hug them, squeeze them, snuggle them tightly hundreds of times a day. I look them right in their eyes and say, "I love you!" 
To which they often reply, "I know."

This is something they learned from the Han Solo and Princess Leia ring tone I have for thd Cuban Cowboy. Moreover, it is actually what the Cuban Cowboy told me the first time that I said "I LOVE YOU" to him: so sauve. He didn't say it back to me for about two more months; he has always been more cautious than me.

How can I not love my little boys and my Sexy Husbandman? They are smart, witty, playful, silly, strikingly handsome (all three), and, most importantly, God given blessings who I am obligated to cherish.

All of these reasons are why I adore weekends like the one we just had. We simply spent time together: eating meals, playing games, going to church, and watching films. It is the joy of The Lord to have a family with whom I can do life in such abundance.

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