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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Back to school again!!!!!

This may seem late in the year, but my teaching semester just started this week! Yes, I know. It is mid-February.
Riverside City College-quadrangle bld
(My employer)

What I wear to work is important to me. It is not only an extension of who I am creatively and personally, just as any other day, but it aides in differentiating me from the students. 

As a college professor, who is only 31, this is vital. Some students are near my age. Others are far older. Thus, I must make it clear that I am a professional. That I take my job seriously, even if at times I am snarky, quirky, and sardonic.
Under tank:Old navy, blouse: Nordstrom Rack $5, Knit polka dot skirt: Ann Taylor LOFT $5, Harajuku Mini headband: Target $1.80

So, this week I wore a funner new outfit (there's always a need for back to school clothes) and a classic professors staple, which is a lovely Anne Klein two piece women's suit (dress & jacket). 
Anne Klein Suit: Nordstrom Rack $80, Vintage Brooch: Grandma Pat

Although I wore the suit on the second day, the first outfit is quite professional and put together in it's own right. Although, it showed more personality.

Sorry no shots of shoes this week. Back to school means I am a busy bee.

The college is celebrating 100 years this year, and as I was browsing the link on the home page I found this cute tid-bit about initiation fashion requirements in the 50s. I just had to share.
Yeah, it's a screen shot.

My favorite part is that women either need to have their hair in pin curls or umcombed. So cute!

For today, that's all. However, I have some great vintage finds to share this week. Plus, we took family photos over the weekend. As soon as I get some copies I will share.

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