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Friday, February 7, 2014

{Frugal Friday} Flip Flop Fashion Tip

Toward the end of last summer I saw some really cute jelly flip flops at Target. They were Circo brand, which is a children's brand, so I knew they just wouldn't fit. However, I kept looking at them because they were so cute.

It struck me that the XL (size 4/5) looked awfully large. Checking to make sure no laughing soul was nearby to watch a grown woman try on children's shoes, I saddled up and strapped on: THEY FIT!!!!!

Yes!  These little gals fit on my big dogs. I typically wear a size 8.5 (wide would be preferable). I picked up two pair at the low cost of $2.89.

Then, this Monday, I saw these ones. 
Same price. Same size. Same fit. I tell you now, "go get some little girl shoes!!!!!"

Warning: the arches are not great, so these are not for long days at Disneyland. They're better suited for a trip to the water park where they will come on and off often, or you can slide them on to garden. 

I hope you have some great frugal finds this week. 

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