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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

{What I Wore Wednesday} last Weeks Looks til today

Since My outfits were incongruous to the topic of Sunday night's post, I thought that I would save them all for one big shebang today. Extra fun!

Monday Last- dress:mall store $1, undershirt: Target, belt: Coach (Poshmark), Necklace: Vintage inherited, bracelet: Target clearance
Tuesday Last- dress: Hot Topic, cardigan: Calvin Klein (Ross $12)

The following is my weekend attire from that family focused weekend that I mentioned Sunday evening. I think that the joy my family brings me is apparent in the photos. 
Saturday- blouse: vintage(my mom's), jeans: Target $16, shoes: China Town San Francisco $10, and earrings: Wet Seal $2
Sunday- cardigan : Alannah Hill (gift), skirt: St John by Marie Gray (thrifted $3), Shoes: Kate Spade, Dove bobby pins: Juicy Couture

Tuesday- under tank: old navy, Cardigan: Target ($11), jeans: Juicy couture ( Black Friday sale $26), booties: Target ($8), headband: Target Harajuku Mini ($1.50), and pins: Hepcat, hot air balloon, and propaganda (Shows and ETSY).

Wednesday- men's shirt:Hot Topic,  skirt:Kirna Zabete for Target, lace socks: Alannah Hill, shoes, Daisy Fuentes: thrifted ($4). Hair flower: Darling Daughter 

So many lovely outfits, not enough days. 

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