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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Creative Christmas Portraits

I am so glad that we experimented with a new photographer this year. We have LOVED all of our photographers, but when I found out that my friend Chris Gomez was going to do family shoots I signed right up. Chris specializes in pin-up photography. He mainly shoots at events and by appointment. He has also done great work for some clothing companies and bands. This being said, family photography was a new adventure for him. I LOVELOVELOVE his style, so I knew that this would be great, and it was. He had an eye and a creative mind. My favorite idea is featured here in this post.


What a great idea. I love stepping outside of the box. I just had to have him edit up at least one catching snowflake shot. The idea was so creative and intriguing. I think it is my absolute favorite shot. Of course I love the family photos, and the ones of just our boys, but this picture has an extra touch that can only be attributed to the talent of my long-time friend. So, I encourage you to do two things this holiday season when taking your christmas portraits.

1. Be creative and fun. Do something different.

2. Check out Chris's work by following this link.

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  1. Um, I love that! I wish there was someone local around here that could do that. Maybe I could stage it.


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