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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Birthday/ Fourth of July Countdown

Okay, so count downs aren't really anything new under the sun.

This is just the QUICKEST countdown I could make.

We haven't really counted down before
because Monster never really understood the concept before.
However, he keeps wanting things that he KNOWS
are for his birthday and pirate party.

So I knew it was time to start the count down tradition.

I waited until this week
because I didn't think that he could handle counting down for more than a week.

That is
in almost three-year-old time.

I just hung it on a little wall between living rooms
at a height he could reach.
I used a push pin that I glued a felt star to.

Each morning he can take a number of
until he sees this on next Monday.

Do you countdown with your kiddos?
What tricks are helpful?
What age did you start?


  1. this is darling, when ty is older we will for sure have countdowns!!!

  2. Such a good mommy! I can't believe it has been so long since I met you, Desmond was about Lilli's age I think.


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