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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

{What I Wore Wednesday} A Sunny Plaid

I haven't worn this dress in probably three or four years.
That's right because the last time I wore it was 
about a week before I discovered that I was prego with Monster.

Anyway, when I purchased this awesome vintage dress 
from Ebay I was immediately excited.
When it arrived I loved that the buttons 
are a faux placard hiding a zipper.

Psst . . . check out the temp on the thermometer behind my head.
It's only 9 AM.

Another great feature of this dress is the pocket.
It only has one,
but I think that all dresses should have pockets.
They are so handy.
I am glad that designers are starting to return to this.

Yesterday's house dress is perfect 
for today's retro Summer style.

I actually have typically seen this as a Fall dress,
but this morning I realized that 
yellow and orange are oh so Summery.
It is indeed a sunny,Summery plaid.

Just see.
Dress: Vintage via EBAY, Belt: Forever 21 Clearance ($1.99),
Shoes: Shiek (a little store in my mall), Earrings: Thrifted,
None of the pics show it but I also have a yellow bow in my hair from Nordstrom.
It must be on my bad side.

I paired it with these awesome wedges,

and I added the fun green skinny belt
 instead of the matching plaid belt that came with it.

Topped with a quick hairstyle
and some big green button earrings.

I feel quite chic today.


  1. I LOVE your dress!

    And that's how we roll in the desert...nice 'n hot! hah!

  2. love this!! i love the green belt

  3. Love everything! Looks so good on you!

  4. oh my gosh, that dress is not only SUPER cute, but looks amazing on you!

  5. I love that dress!! Women really knew how to dress themselves for the perfect silhouette back in the day! Luckily, the vintage look is in so we can have a waist and hips again! Hooray!

  6. I love it! That dress is so pretty! and love the shoes!!! you look great mama!!!

  7. I LOVE plaid, and I LOVE yellow... therefore, Im obsessed with your dress!!!

  8. And you look quite chic, too! Those shoes are a perfect match for that dress.

    Followed you here from Real Momma, Real Style.


  9. Stopping by from Real Momma, Real Style. You look adorable! I am digging the yellow and orange...very summery! Killer shoes! :)


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