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Monday, June 27, 2011

Born On The Fourth of JULY Mantel

I have mentioned to some of you out there that my oldest son,
was born on the Fourth of July.

This makes celebrating both fun and, well, complicated.
Since it is a week until his birthday,
I have decided to bombard you all with festive Fourth of July 
and Birthday posts.

Look for things like:
  • a glimpse at his past birthdays
  • decor
  • a birthday/100 followers (yeah, I'm late on that) giveaway(s)
  • Mommy party attire

Hopefully, this will be both a fun and productive week for me.


Okay, so on to the first post of this week.

My newly, festively decorated mantel.

This idea originated from Eighteen25
around Easter time when they posted this pom garland.

When I saw it I instantly knew that
I was going to make one for Fourth of July 
because I had all of these poms 
left over from Monster's First birthday party.

I just knew that they would be perfect.

So on Saturday night
I got out the red Gutermann thread, a needle, 
and this jar full of left over goodies.

After some untangling of thread and about an hour of designing,
I ended up with this.

After the garland was complete,
I took some festive fabric that I also had left over from the first birthday 
and wrapped a canvas that I am actually in the midst of redoing.

I stapled the fabric to itself 
so that it wouldn't ruin the canvas.

I then added some ribbon, photos from Monster's birth,
and a little sign that says, 
"Born on the Fourth of July."

The blue frame and candle holders are always on the mantel
(except holidays).

I am quite pleased with the outcome.

Do you decorate for the Fourth?


  1. I love it!! Really cute! My oldest (eldest?) was born on the fifth, so we are kinda in that party conundrum too. We just celebrated this past weekend, as all his little friends would be out of town on his actual b-day. Love the decor...and I love the tile on your fireplace! Do you know what it's called and where it's from? So cute!

  2. I love the garland! So great!!


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