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Monday, June 6, 2011

Why I Have been MIA

Well, as many of you know, blogging takes time.
Last week I just didn't have any extra time
because from the time Memorial Day weekend began 
until today we have been UBER busy.

Here's a little look at some of the fun that 
we have been having.

Star Wars Day

What daddy wouldn't love to take their kiddo here?

 A ridiculously AMAZING Disneyland trip!!!

Watermelon is Roly Poly's new favorite food

This pose is just too hilarious not to share

The NEW Little Mermaid ride

A fun Curious George themed Birthday Party

Do you see that AWESOME pinata?
My cousin's wife orders them from Tijuana every year.
They are seriously the most amazing
 pinatas that I have EVER seen.

We actually did a ton of other things
but for some reason we were having 
so much fun that photos weren't taken.

This is 3 pretty big things though, as it is, 
especially for less than a week.

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