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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

{Boy Spaces} Other Places Spaces

Yes, I just had to rhyme that catchy title. 
It put a spring in my step.

Okay, so now that I have showed off my boy spaces,
I thought that it would be appropriate 
to let you see some of the other fabulous,
many much more fabulous than mine, boy spaces that are out there in blogland.

Let's start with Cheri from 

SHE IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

And so is her son Rex's bedroom
Just check out a few of these snap shots.

Okay, so Cheri did several posts regarding this room transformation.
Head on over to her blog for more exciting details.

And while we are speaking of Cheri's awesomeness.
I would also encourage you to look at her playroom

It has some great ideas that can be used for both boys and girls.

Next on the list is this super awesome Pirate bedroom from

I first saw this room featured at Cheri's blog 
and I knew immediately 
that it had to be included in my roundup.
The best way to take a look at this room 
is to head on over to her blog and watch the video tours. 
It is such a great pirate room.

Then, there is this super fun boys room from
Sugar and Dots.

It just has a fun sense of ease about it.
I love the primary colors.

She has several posts regarding the transformation,
and her final post uses a fun before, after, after sequencing.

Then, for a cleaner and more minimalist look,
I found this set up from Dandee Designs.

This room is great for those of us who have a modern sensibility.
I am especially in love with the four sets of book shelves.

Another fun items that I have found in blogland is
this awesome Robot Mobile from My Modish Mood.

Aren't these all such great ideas?
I am enamored with them.
What awesome boy spaces have you come across?

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