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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

{Boy Spaces} In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Not so long ago, 
in a desert
who knows how far away?
A loving mommy and daddy
created a space bedroom for
their brand new baby boy.

Okay, so enough Star Wars cheesyness.
This is the Roly Poly's room.
It is one of our more recent efforts,
and might I say my husband worked obsessively over 
what you are about to see.

Here are the full view shots so that you can take it all in.

Okay, so the painting is RIDICULOUS!!!!!!
Oh that man of mine!
Should I also mention that some of those stars are glow in the dark constellations?
And the clouds were a crazy obsession of his. 
He just kept redoing them.

And this here rocket, took like two weeks because he just kept going over it.
Do you spy my almost finished gallery wall in the hall?

Okay, on to the rest of the room.
This is what the crib looked like the evening
 that we left for the hospital.
All nice and made. 
Fresh and clean.

I took this picture at like 1:45 AM after my water broke and we were leaving for the hospital.
I thought, "Oh no! I haven't taken a photo of the nursery yet."
Awesome Dwell Studios Bedding: Target

Now it looks more like this most days,
especially because it is still warm.

Now, what are some of the other wonderful DIY things in this room?
How about this great book rack.

The wall tapestry, which has several functional purposes.
The chair doesn't really match because it originated in Monster's room.
I made a special post today so you can find out more about the adventure of this piece here.

This Land of Nod inspired project holder
that I introduced to you on Sunday.

Ummmm . . . this crazy awesome mobile.

Yes! I am bias because it took me forever when it shouldn't have.
Find more on this funny story here.

And here are just some general photos of other parts of the room.

 Darth Vader Helmet: EBAY
Giant Letter E: Ross
Sock Monkey: Tia Maite for Christmas last year
Valance and Curtains:Still not up. Ooops!
Changing Table Cover:Target Clearance
Skip Hop Puppy Bookends: Nordstrom Clearance
Star bins: Babies R Us

Star Wars toys: They were there LONG before we had kids.
They are from the Cuban Cowboys collection.

Okay, so that is Roly Poly's celestial palace.
I love going in there. It is just a really fun place to be.


  1. Wow, I'm so impressed by the painting job and I just love the satellites/ships hanging from the corner of the walls. What a lucky little guy.

  2. Wow, such a neat room! You and your husband did an outstanding job painting it!

  3. So I clicked on the bedroom from the same link party and had to comment here too. It's incredible. You have put such tiome and thought in!


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