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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How Does One Hide a Six Foot Tall Spiderman?

How Does One Hide a Six Foot Tall Spiderman?

Yes. I know that this is a question that you have been pondering for months.
It is the burning thought in the back of your mind that causes you to lose sleep at night.

Well, it truly was for me a little over a year ago.

I mean really,
how was I going to cover THIS up?

It does not belong in a space themed room.
You may think that full coordination is not necessary, 
but I wanted a nursery that did not include spidey.

Of course the Cuban Cowboy was not
going to paint over his hard work.

He did concede to painting over the webbing.
He said that it would be easy to do again.
ACH! The dilemma still remained for the rest though.

I thought for months, about nine of them to be exact, on how to remedy this situation.
After several ideas we decided that we were going to make a felt/flannel board tapestry.

It was super duper easy.
In fact I sewed it up only a few days before Roly Poly made his grand arrival.

I didn't get around to cutting out the letters for his name or the shapes until later, 
but that didn't take much time either.

It was also inexpensive.
I am sure I will continue to make new shapes here and there.

The "tapestry" is hanging on a wooden dowel 
via a tunnel I made for it, 
and then there are some command hooks attached 
to the wall that the dowel rests on.

There is a second dowel in a little tunnel 
at the bottom to keep it weighed down.

See. Simple.
And yes, that is how one hides a ridiculously large, but cool, 

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