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Monday, September 5, 2011

Solar System Mobile

This mobile is one part purchase, 
one part fail, and three parts success!!!!
Sorry, the planets are in motion.

First, the purchase.

Roly Poly's BIG Christmas present was this solar system 

purchased from 

I just knew it would make the perfect mobile for his bedroom,
so it was his BIG Christmas present.
Okay, so now you see how we procrastinate 
on putting things together.

Next, came the fail.
I purchased and painted some embroidery hoops.
(First mentioned here)
They were meant to be the frame of the mobile.

I just KNEW that the circular shape 
was going to be perfect for a mobile.

Was I ever wrong.
I didn't take any photos because it was sooo awful
It was off balance.
Clunking together.
Tedious construction.
Ultimately a 

Okay, now I needed to get smart so that I could get my SUCCESS.
Since, I was aiming for success after a fail 
my joy at completion is three fold.
Hence, the three parts success mentioned earlier.

Next I needed to employ the hubs and his smart brain.
He told me to just use wire hangers.
I did and they were perfect.
Really, I should have just asked him in the first place.

I purchased some silver Krylon and sprayed the hangers after straightening them out and adding them together.
It took three hangers.

I also added some 16 gauge wire around some of the hangers 
for texture and dimension.

Finally, I added the solar system kit using fishing line.

Then it hung from my light fixture for about two months.

I know!!!

Finally, the Cuban Cowboy hung it above Roly Poly's crib
about a week prior to his birthday party in July.

And so,
the solar system was born . . . 

Look forward to more glimpses of Roly Poly's room in a few weeks.
Hopefully, with some better photos. 
These ones are sorta . . . eh.

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  1. Now that you have it in "space", I think it looks great.


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